- Pagle/Alliance- <UR Roboting> 25s: 36/54 10s: 14/14 LF Pumpers!

Semi-core guild
25 man progress: 13/14 Ulduar, HM Flame Leviathan, Thorim, General, Freya, XT and Yogg down.
10 man progress: 14/14.

Raid Times:
Tuesday - 8pm to 11pm
Thursday - 8pm to 11pm
Fri/Mon Ulduar 10(SR)
10 man’s are not mandatory

About us:
We are a semi-core guild comprised of a tight knit group of people coming from conquering TBC who enjoy experiencing and completing all content. We raid in a chill environment and have some pretty stupid fun together but we expect raiders to know when to focus and do their job, and come ready and prepared for all fights.

We use a DKP system for 25 man that has a high turnaround on top dkp positions and a soft reset between phases. For 10 man we use 2 SR MS>OS but guildies are always willing to see the person who it will help most get the item. We give bonus DKP out to new Raiders. All info can be found on our discord in the DKP Rules section.

Recruiting Info:
Players READY to push hard modes.
Looking for progression focused players who want to see all the content Wotlk has to offer. You are expected to know the mechanics of all fights, have full consumes, show up on time and know what your BIS gear is. Currently looking for:

-Frost/UH DK
-Arcane/Fire mage
-Affliction/Demo Lock
-Always considering exceptional players!

Reply here or msg Loganitus/Zinpally in game!