Pagle world server is down

Thank god they did those stress tests.


How does this get fixed or remediated? Any blue posts on the topic?

How did I fall back in this rabbit hole of death…

the same way we all did… by being promised a true grind the liikes of which we havent seen in almost a decade.

Blizzard hasn’t said a word about any of this.

Actually, they’ve acknowledged it:

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At least there is some good news out of this. Soda is level 7.

Ah, it’s the old get to 90% login blue bar and … nothing … “World Server Down”. Memories. And, it’s not just Pagle for me. Same thing happened on Bloodsail RP server for me. See ya’ tomorrow. Maybe. If I can get farther along the dastardly blue bar! :wink:

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After 15 years Blizzard come on… you want to keep getting my sub fix this #$%^

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they appear to be replying to DMS… maybe we all tweet at them untill they respond publicly
(even if they tell us what weve already heard, it would be nice)

There is a blue post now regarding the issue, its being looked into that is all.

same way we all did


Warcraftdevs on twitter just made an announcement about it.

#free game time from blizzard inc

if anyone get into the game let us know

#free game time from blizzard inc

Hahaha! Grimby brought the jokes, y’all…

No such luck this time around. We’re technically paying for BFA, and that dumpster fire is available for play without issue currently.


yea waited in queue forever and now the world server is down. just gonna keep trying so i don’t get logged out heh

i was just told from the devs if you move your mouse up, up, down, down, then turn your character left, right, left, right then hit “a” “b” and hit okay you get right in


It’s B then A