Pagle 10 Hour War not ending

Gong rang at 8:48PM EST (ST) last night, war still goin’ strong, can’t get into the raid instances. Has this happened to any of the other servers?


bump bump bump


It is to torment the morons who thought they were going to single handedly complete the war effort on their own, each passing minute causes a new tic in their face.


Pagle gets an 11 hour war the gamer dads

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Bump gates still closed coming up on 11hr

And we’re past the 11-hour mark! 12-hour war inc

the incompetence of blizzard is ASTOUNDING


that sounds glorious

Edit: imagine complaining about something you will prolly never see again in years.

Just enjoy it. You gonna raid aq anyway for weeks.


Did you guys try killing the mobs that spawned, or have you been hiding on the roof of Cenarion Hold the entire time?

Could be the problem.

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Did anyone bother to walk to the gate and knock?


The mobs that spawn are getting killed constantly for rep. No shortage of groups still killing everything that comes up.

Sounds like it’s bugged, Blizzard is based in Irvine - not sure which coast Pagle is on - but it’ll be another 2 hours 45 minutes before the Irvine, CA department is awake, and something like this feels like a developer level issue that a GM would escalate.

Good luck, throw a dance party in the meantime.

bump bump, still not working

I feel bad for dragging my guild out of bed in their early AM to smash some AQ and now they are let down.

We’re all in the same spot. Huge disappointment, and now we’re all tired and grumpy.

math is hard

9:05 still not opened. Event still going on. What a joke.

Go to bed.


such a good building where game things happen!


Would be nice to get a blue response at some point. Be a real shame if this isn’t resolved by raid times this evening.

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