Oy vey, the feedback on all the new class designs is not pleasant to say the least

Lmao. All right bud. You seem salty because I made a good point. Have a good one.


Hello, I see you replied to the thread. You must not have much experience with FF14 because a ton of jobs are in fact much different compared to what they were in say Heavensward or Stormblood, haha! Heck, Paladins in Endwalker alone had an entire shift in their rotation, haha!

Thanks for your post and have a great day!

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You would actually have to make a good point and then I would actually need to get salty. As neither happened I am clearly not salty

You as well.

I haven’t played Endwalker but did read they did some overhauls. Still not major changes every 2 years like WoW.

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Go watch the Jedith video on demon hunter, he knows a lot about dh and can articulate most of what we know. Stop jumping to conclusion.

Here’s the most recent PTR notes:

I really liked the BFA and Legion playstyle of trying to extend your demonic and playing against yourself to get those massive windows of meta.


Where are you seeing overwhelming negative feedback on the rogue rework?

Button bloat is the primary concern.

yea i want to get mad but then i remember feral has been trash since what wrath and its so toxic at blizzard i would be doing the same thing. hell i would probably put in less effort and make it seem like im doing my job till i could get something better. also i really dont like ion as a lead dev.


Problem with player feedback from PTR is we only see changes once a week, and there’s a limited amount of time before they have to push content live. So they might listen, but they’ve already got the next 2 builds worth of changes lined up so by the time they take player feedback into account it’s pointless because it’s no longer relevant and there are new problems to point out, with much less time to fix them.

Havoc DHs got their talent rework, but the class tree changes are still at least one week out, so feedback is only half relevant because class changes will probably have X effect on how Havoc talents are received. Not to mention 2 talents are still unknown, one new capstone doesn’t work at all, and a couple of talents are bugged — so we can’t do anything with those until next week’s build. Havoc can be potentially upbeat about the changes but there’s still too much unknown to see where we land. Not to mention initially some of the nodes that were changed from 2- to 1-pt have come with nerfs to the abilities. Is that exciting?

Shut it down?

It’s hard to design good looking things in this game because the graphics kind of bad for it.
They make a lot of good looking objects but gear not so much

Most likely they are warranted.
Take me for example. I bought DF day 1, found Paladins and in particular Prot Paladins to be in an absolute crap state. Massively weak, just terrible talents all around.
Almost a year later and I find that almost all my requests were valid, and the talent trees are massively MASSIVELY improved. Why they did not ship Paladins like this, and left me to level 6 horrible levels and call it quits I will never understand. Most often the players are right about everything regarding balance. I know I was, at least.


Maybe it has to do with where we are getting our reactions.

I’ve been reading overwhelming positive responses to the changes so far.

after 6 levels? you are a genius.

I just want Ion to come out and say they don’t want people to play hunter right now.


To be fair, given that they are on the PTR, all of them should be considered works-in-progress and, hopefully (Inner Demons), subject to change.

Seems every patch classes don’t feel quite right until a month or 2 passes in DF. I gotta be honest it’s a bit of a turn off, although it’s good I have classic toons for myself so I keep switching when I get fed up of either, lol.

Off topic, but I really like the questing with gathering professions mainly mining, in DF. The fluidity from 60-70(just leveled my ret today) feels pretty dam good as DPS once you get going with the dream surge buffs, gathering minerals, dragon riding, however I think they need a more simplistic profession system for specialization stuff feels bloated.

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If that’s true then why are you here?

I like the classes now but then I don’t do group content other than world events so maybe that’s why. Idk.