<Owl Buddies> Update 3? Is it 3?

{Casual Community Guild} ((GUILD RECRUITMENT THEN INFORMATION)) Once again we are opening recruitment. I’ve mentioned this the last few days, but have yet to get to a post here. We’re looking to fill a few more core raiding spots before BWL. Looking for Tanks/Heals/DPS.

As a casual guild our focus is on the players and not PVP or PVE. We’re as the name suggests, Buddies. We will do our best to put our fellow Buddy first. I came from a day in age where the random people we met online were friends and brothers. Hell, I’ve made friends on WoW I’ve met IRL and am still good friends with 10+ years later. That’s the magic I wish to recapture. We are here to help one another and have fun in Classic. Raid. Dungeon. Quest. PVP. Do it all together, for the guy next to yah.

We’re a guild born of good spirits, and not hardcore intentions. That said we don’t use any sort of DKP system and rely on a rolling system we believe to be fair. We will not enforce flasks/world buffs/or constant activity. You’re here for friends, family, and good times.

Looking for a new home? Consider the Owl Buddies.

We’re more than a Guild, we’re a Community. Feel free to join our Community Discord and hang around.

Now it’s been awhile since we’ve had an update here. Since we’ve last spoke we manage to make #2 or #3 on the alliance side for raiding. I’m unsure if someone passed us yet, so I question where we stand, I haven’t checked today. Either way we progressed to #2 on the alliance not too long ago. Things are going very well for us in that regard.

We’ve reopened invites in order to bring new members to the family. They were previously closed as we decided how to handle our Core Raid Team. We are currently recruiting for some more tanks, primarily tanks, but also a healer or two and some DPS. We’re close to full, so take your shot.

Unfortunately, we’ve had a few members leave today. Typically I wouldn’t post much of it, but as they were leaders in our guild once I feel slightly obligated. A conflict of interest regarding certain individuals and raid loot/core team comp, caused a few to step away. We are certain to maintain our Casual/Buddy vibes. We are NOT a hardcore raiding guild. If that’s what you seek, you are better looking elsewhere.

To those of you who are approached by some of our Members that need a new home, I will say: They are good folk. What took place I would call a conflict of interest, but otherwise, they are good guildies. Take them in if you wish.

Not everyone who left us today knows all the information, and many assumptions may be made of us, and more stories may come our way. We are as we have been, and will continue to be so. If you question our ability/intention/or structure you’re free to communicate with us.

We aren’t a guild for everyone, but for those who fit in, you’re more than welcome to stay.

Thank you for your time, and see you all in the future!

Stay cool Owls.