Overpower is still broken

Cant cast overpower. Are you gonna fix that? It was broken since start of the beta
Update! It was fixed


i know brother, feels bad man :frowning:


please upvote these posts related to this bug. currently this isnt even listed in their known issues log.


Overpower waiting room.

Bump. Every post about this :smiley:

While it is my opinion that blizz should’ve focused on fixing classes before anything else. We don’t need these posts bumped a million times, we know overpower is broken and they know overpower is broken.

For whatever reason triage didn’t put it on the list of things to fix quickly. Blizz is free to run their development cycle, and beta test schedule as they wish.

There is pretty much zero chance that the bugged overpower goes live when the prepatch drops, but if it does go live that will be the time to complain. Because at that point, and no sooner, will it be the case that blizzard hasn’t delivered on the product we’re all paying for.

You must be new around these here parts stranger…

I think a bigger issue is that since arms is pretty unplayable right now. What other bugs could go live as a result of lack of testing?

these posts definitely need to get bumped. they obviously don’t give a flying F about the feedback they are getting if they leave these bugs without any sort of communication with the community. Yet they request us reporting the information. So BUMP!!! I respect your perspective but humbly disagree.

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Can’t wait for the day that the one blizzard employee working on beta fixes overpower

well about that…


bump, also SLAM’s talent in fury is bugged as well
It’s called BLOODSURGE - and it should not mess up your autoattacks when you use the instant slam - and yet it does. So fury is ALSO bugged. PLEASE FIX WARRIOR ALREADY!!!
not only that but armored to the teeth is still bugged as well right? FIX!

Overpower now working after update.

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It’s working for me

That’s why i said its now working after the update :slight_smile:

yeah i definitely read “now” as “not” my apologies