Over 120k accounts BANNED this week

Blizzard did a MASSIVE Bot ban this week witch is a good thing. But has anyone noticed some of the faces on the forums are missing? lol.

Blizzard could Wipe out the Ratings sellers in one day if they wanted to… Problem is, that it literally would wipe out huge portions of the ratings ladder, especially the R1 portion. It would make the game look really bad to reveal such corruption in the pvp ratings.

Though its silenced on the US forums, selling ratings is some of the TOP forum topics on the EU forums, they cant silence them over there. Solo Shuffle has been over ran w Win Traders, and Boosters selling ratings.

Did they now?


For those curious about the title of this thread:


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So this ban wave was for classic and wrath.

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so beedie was right?

That was classic which was already comprised almost entirely of bots anyways.

Also old news.

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dumb but silly video


Why cant they silence forums in EU?

have you ever tried to silence a Frenchman?


Beedie is confusing botting with boosting.

Beedie is confusing classic with retail.

Beedie is confusing win trading with piloting.


Do you hear the people sing?

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It really is just bordering on word salad.

can’t say i do.

On US forums you have tons of casual players who enjoy their boost every season and will defend it, also with the ones who sell the ratings are here on the forums too. They all mass report any talk they see as being Bad 4 Business.

I am guessing on EU forums, tons more players speak up, cant silence them all.

Beedie is confusing fantasy for reality


I bet 90% of those bot accs come from classic and Wrath.

You will see no difference on Retail.

Vegas wouldn’t even give you odds for that bet

Is Giznator Beedie?

ban me too so i can stop queuing rss and play a real game

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