Outlevelling a zone

Hi. I will like to apologize if this quest has been addressed by the community before.

I only started playing abt 2 weeks ago pre shadowland expansion and after patch got a level squish. I was at wotlk when that happen and as of now i have outlevel the zone.

My main quest is how do i jump to another expansion to continue levelling fast? Previously when i was at stormwind side, there was an auto quest asking me to choose between tbc and wotlk. But now i literally have no quest having just completed the bolvar quest cinematic at dragonblight. Seems to be an abrupt end. (I have yet to fly to icecrown but dont feel like it as i already outlevel the zone)

I understand that levelling change for shadowland with something called chromie thingy but i dont think im part of it as i created the char pre shadowland patch

Im very confused. I will like to continue levelling via quest but in another zone.

Your help is very much appreciated and apologies again for being a noob. As a side note, im really enjoying the game itself though the influx of info starting out was quite daunting and still is.

You got the idea. Find Chromie in Stormwind. She should be able to point you at a new zone (well, expansion) to continue leveling.

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Why did you post this in the Classic forum?

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You can’t out level a zone.

Thanks to scaling I think it’s literally impossible to do.

because “classic” is a really bad name for a “niche” version of the game. common folk assume Classic = General Discussion.

It’s not. Every zone has a cap on what it would scale to. For example, presquish, no Legion zone would level past 110.

Blizzard has repeatedly changed what these level designations are of course, but they do still have defined ranges for scaling.

Thanks ! I thought chromie option will come out automatically. Didnt know i have to find him. Im happily at pandaria now.

next time post in the modern wow forums these are the classic wow forums