Outlaw VS Sub PVP

hey im coming back to the game after a very long hiatus. decided i wanted to play a rogue i really dont know the class that well and am planning on putting in significant hours on learning the class in pvp. i was wondering which has an easy time for beginners in pvp. i plan to play with my destro warlock buddy alot and want to sink my time into one of the specs so i can progress and get better with it i just dont know what to choose to be honest . also since they use different weapons im gonna focus on one. thank you so much for your help

If you’re playing 2v2 arenas with another dps, you should learn subtlety since it will be much stronger for that. If you are playing 3v3 with a healer I would probably start learning outlaw. It will have a lot more sustained damage which can be a win condition in its own right where subtlety needs to constantly run when their burst is down since they have very little sustained damage. Sub rogue play style can be a lot harder to pick up since you can’t really just stand in there and win on damage.

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thank you can you suggest any guides for either of the specs

Kalvish has a recent outlaw guide on his youtube channel that covers all the basics quite well. Idk for sub since I don’t play that spec, but it is popular enough that I’m sure you can find plenty of good guides for it. Kalvish might have one, or check Palumor, Pikaboo. I’m sure at least one of those three has a sub guide.

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Do you mind if i jump in here with another quick question, as another returning player, not played rogue since wrath was current, does assassination bleeds do decent damage at max level pvp? or does majority of damage come from mutilate & envenom ?

Assassination bleeds hurt for sure, it is the weakest spec defensively of the 3 and has ramp up time. Because the weakness defensively and ramp up time I probably wouldn’t suggest it for double dps 2s but is probably the most straight forward of the 3 to play if you are doing 3v3s or solo shuffle

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