Outlaw vs Assassination while leveling and at endgame pve?

Leveling through BFA and trying out different specs. Sin feels like it’s ripping everything apart like paper, whereas outlaw feels like it takes a lot longer to kill mobs. Is this the case at max level when doing open world stuff? I like both specs, but sin just feels so much more powerful while leveling.

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Sin tears through single mobs very quickly, outlaw is good for AOE

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Sin is very good chain pulling spec. From stealth >mutilate >rupture >mutilate to 5cps > eviscerate usually kills most mobs depending on gear, and gives you energy regeneration to pull another.

Outlaw is very good if you plan on AoE pulling. With the right traits (Ace and dead shot) you can pull a whole group and watch them melt with blade flurry and BTE and Deadshot.

It depends on how you’re pulling and how much gear you have, but generally outlaw pulls ahead when leveling. And max gear open world, it’s personal preference and what you’re doing. For me warmode on, I always run Sin with a pvp spec. If I’m farming meats in Naz or other types of farming, I’ll roll outlaw


If you don’t have the right gear set up Outlaw is not worth using for leveling. Assassination is better and with the right gear Assassination just has an easier time in general.