Outlaw rogue or fury warrior?

Hello folks.

I have purchased shadowlands and I want to spend my boost free. I have decided that it would be between outlaw rogue and fury warrior.

I have started this warrior trial and I have tried an outlaw rogue as well. Both seems very fun to me.

I think more about warrior because it is able to tank
although I am not very fan of tanking nevertheless it comes handy for gearing faster.

What do you think is better at:
a) Pvp (bg)?
b) Pve (mythics and open world)?
c) Better and engaging rotation?
d) Better mogs?
e) Better class fantasy?
f) Better animations?
g) Better soloing

Any observation I would really apreciate it

Thank you for your help

Fury aesthetically wins. 2 giant 2handers looks super fun. I am also biased to plate.
Pvp wise, I’d say change specs if you want to do high rated play. Arms and sin are just better in arena settings imo. That being said, both are still fun specs.
Gameplay wise, outlaw is rng based with roll the bones while fury is very easy in comparison. (You have a lot to work manage as outlaw)
Fury is a spec that always starts out weaker in xpacs but scales tremendously well later on.
Outlaw is amazing for mythic plus and rogues in general are always in really high keys due to shroud and soak abilities.
Not sure if this helped or not. Overall though, I’d say go with what you like more. Do you enjoy stealth and feeling like a pirate? Go outlaw. Do you enjoy being a crazed berserker? Go fury.

Both are very fun classes. Rotation wise I’d give it to fury…HOWEVER. Rogue is fun for many other reasons. Stealth is incredible, it really opens up the game in new ways that you can’t experience on any classes. Personally I always go back to my rogue, I love being stealthy and sneaking past mobs or enemy players.

Rogues are also highly sought after in mythic plus and always do well in raids too.

All around a great class and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

For what you’re looking for I think Warrior is your choice.

a) I don’t pvp
b) See #1
c) I’m not a fan of either right now, but I did main combat, erm, outlaw for 14 years, so I’m slightly biased toward the rogue.
d) both have some fantastic mods! but again, I think rogue has more
e) I’ve never really thought either had great class fantasy. Both lose there.
f) Same as e.
g) Fury seems to have the better survivability…a little. But then, rogue can stealth though most stuff.

2x Sulfuras is pretty fun, but then again, so is 2x Legion thuderfury…

It really boils down to which you prefer. Play both for a bit.

Or come to the dark side and roll a DH. We have cookies.

If wanting to have tank as an offspec is a big draw for you, then definitely warrior. While you won’t have much difficulty finding mythic + or dungeon groups, sometimes for PuG raids you’ll have a harder time getting a spot as a rogue as there is already a ton of dps out there while not as many tanks.

I don’t care about tanking honestly actually I prefer healing. I just mentioned it because it could be handy for Leveling and getting some gear.

Actually I think arms is boring and I would rollo warrior exclusively for Fury warrior

Fury is fun an hectic, and I enjoyed tanking last season some with the raw dps. I’m also usually a healer main, I keep coming back to my rogue though just for the freedom it gives. Stealth is such an asset.

Play resto Druid. Heals and stealth

Funnily enough I did just use my boost from pre-order on a resto druid and was playing it last night. Undergeared healing Mechagon was… fun.

What ilvl does the boost give you?

390 and 50 neck

I may have to pre-order then and make me an undead rogue on a non-dead server then.

Be aware that if you go for the pre-order with the tmog option that quest is taking forever. Been about 2 weeks and I’ve yet to get all the items required for it. Been at 35/40 for like a week.

Thanks. Last question: any essences on a boosted character?

Nope, have to do those from scratch

Hey flick so if You were me, would you roll warrior instead rogue?

By the way your mog looks so badass that I would roll rogue just for that

I tend to do way more on my rogue. It’s all up to personal preference, warrior is fine too. Though I haven’t really done a bunch on him lately or at all really compared to my rogue or other alts so I’m not the authority on any of this.

Just my personal preference.