Outlaw Rogue help

I haven’t played rogue much since WOD. I like the Outlaw spec for many reasons. Was Sub when I last played. I noticed that some stealth attacks require a dagger. Do you all use a macro or anything to equip a dagger for these attacks and then swap it back out to a sword. Sorry I’m bad at this. I have every other class at 120 and finally getting back to rogue.

Pretty sure the stealth attack for Outlaw is Ambush and you can use a sword/mace/axe for that. I normally run as Outlaw and have never had an issue.

Sub and Sin are the only two that have dagger restrictions.

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Thanks, I had subelty and probably just need to change the items in spell book and action bars. I probably have ambush in wrong spot so I keep seeing the other stealth attacks first.