Outlaw question

i feel stupid for asking but im going to try and start a outlaw and level her was just curious how do they heal like alot as they fight ? i know outlaw can take on multiple targets just dunno how they heal really good

They don’t. You can take the buffed crimson vial talent but until you have the conduits, you dln’t have any healing.

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For the most part, you shouldn’t really have too many issues while leveling. Just get used to using defensives/stuns frequently and using utility abilities defensively (e.g., use grapple to get away from melee while waiting for vial to come off cd).

in class tree there is slice n dice heal, leeching poison, then soothing darkness and just normal crimson vial. soothing darkness with shadow dance is really nice. You might be able to stun then vanish and hit a mob for the heal too.