Outlaw In Pvp?

How good is outlaw doing in say rbgs?

I’ve thought about getting mine going for a melee toon.

come on guys! subs in pve, outlaw in pvp?!? The audacity of some of you thinking that our specs can handle different types of content.
we are not warriors, warlocks, priests, shaman, druids, demon hunters,…regular hunters,…mages, paladins,…death knights, monks…

…we are rogues! blizzards special little snowflakes that can only be ok at one thing at a time.


I think they are better in BGs than in arena. In a BG you can be an effective disrupter then bail out of the fight.

I love outlaw but no one will ever take one over:

  • a sub rogue that can actually 1v1 and take nodes/kill FCs
  • another melee that is stronger and applies better buffs (fdk, arms, ret etc)

The haste buff is decent and they can juggle but i don’t think I’d want one in RBGs. 3s on the other hand…


Wow, it’s almost like you are playing the class not the spec.

Every spec can do every form of content unless you are pushing to the top.

Warriors are currently barely out performing some specs in content and even then they are still below middle of the pack.

Priests are only really used for disc since holy doesn’t have good enough cd compared to disc and shadow is good but almost no one plays it.

Warlocks are garbage except for aff who is ruling the rbg and raid scene.

Shaman is decent all around I guess, except for enchancement in pve content.

Havoc is a joke in PvP and PvE since their single target damage is like a wet noodle. Only good one is Vengeance and they have always been good at kiting.

Hunters don’t even have a good spec anymore MM is the only one that gets decent damage but they die in a cheap shot, the other two specs deal so little damage you could afk to make food, come back, and you still won’t be dead.

Mages the only good spec is fire, arcane and frost are mid tier at the very best.

Paladins are just op, they are Blizzard’s little pogchamps.

DK I really don’t get why you said this. The only reason to ever take a DK to your team is for the debuffs they give to the enemy team.

Monks are worse than rogues, look at the state of MW and that automatically makes rogues look like god sends.

Whilst they are not good in pvp you might have a few more option in the next patch

You can go ven and do a fairly decent burst combo with green skins, you use BtE and get a pistol shot proc, get enough around 3 combo points; use pistol shot into the venthyr ability into run through which does fairly decent damage

You can also spec into necro if you’re playing with a healer and do an opener where you open with dreadblades then use bone spike to get your combo points to full and use hardly any energy to spam fairly decent damage for a few second but it will nuke your HP pool

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Holy wow dude you have literally no clue what your talking about but you really think you do.

Please don’t give advice like this when your just spewing garbage

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Outlaw is weaker than the meta by a fair amount. You have some pluses like Dismantle and Gouge. Outlaw has no on demand burst and trouble with high armor targets.

outlaw in PVP can wreck with the right stats and legos and its skill curve in my opinion is higher than sub,and that keeps people from playing it and calling it “bad”. At this point if you get oneshot by a sub rogue,you deserve it.

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Outlaw does a lot of damage but doesn’t do that much burst which is really important.

You will do good dps on a target but if they use any defensives you are basically useless and you don’t have shadowstep

CS>BtE>MfD kidney>Killing spree does a buttload of dmg with the master assasin lego

It’s good but it won’t out-pump Sub and that’s all that really matters when there are only 10 spots available.

Most the time in RBGs,rogues get base sat anyways,so im not sure the spec would matter all that much. In a team fight outlaw has spread pressure. Im not saying that any one spec is better than another,just saying outlaw can perform well if played right and with the right stats,but that can be said for any spec /shrug

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The Fact that outlaw was designed to do another roll in party make up is undeniable, but the entire sub-class has been poorly designed. Instead of a swashbuckling fool, it should be some sort of ninja type. The major problem as of now is the function of the character, its just set up so poorly. Before any damage can be done, one must have stealthed , RtB, SnD, and in certain situations, Blade Furry. Cant BF out of stealth without breaking stealth, cant SnD without combo. In PVP, if u manage to get these abilities up and going, chances are you are about to die in a stun because you are so vulnerable in the open. Also, the amount of buttons needed for a full arsenal of moves is out of control. Something like 35 buttons with my outlaw, including PVP pots and all my class abilities. Macro what you can, but so far only 2 macros work for me. Started duel wielding swords in Vanilla, white damage with heavy MH weapon, SnD kicking, mass damage everywhere. This “outlaw” design is sad. For the highest agility melee in the game, crit and haste need to be utilized more efficiently, and more realistically. And I know there are other melee agility classes, they deserve to have the same crit and haste bonuses as well. Back to the drawing board blizz

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Outlaw can be played in low to mid rated RBGs. Main strength of outlaw is consistent damage/cleave in teamfights and you can spec into utility pvp talents such as a disarm, tricks damage or team haste with RTB cast. Its also more fun then the other two specs IMO.

However you have no burst, outside of getting broadside rolls and killing spree, even then the burst is not threatening compared to sin and sub. This effectively means you’re just a less threatening WW/Warrior in teamfights, at most a nuisance to healers while applying moderate pressure and relying on your teammates to secure kills. You can still do rogue stuff in teamfight with ccs.

As for FC/nodes, sub is way better, and this is what will make the difference in high rated BGs and the main reason why people say Outlaw is bad. Sub just has more tools and burst to cap/defend nodes.


don’t EVER EVER EVER play outlaw in pvp. its absolutely GARBAGE.

There’s Outlaws playing at 2500+ so spec is useless.

Play what you like. Fk meta slaves. Make your own RBG groups.

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lol this isn’t even slightly close to true.

getting to 2100 as outlaw(which isn’t anywhere NEAR the top) requires like 10x more effort then as sub, and sub isn’t an easy spec to play.

Stop giving bad advice. outlaw is absolutely TRASH tier for PvP.

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Wut? I refuse to play Sub BECAUSE its so brain dead lol.

if you think sub is braindead, then ur not playing it properly.

its the highest skill cap melee spec in the game, and arguably the highest skill cap spec in the game period, next to maybe affliction warlock.

sub is A LOT more then just “press my cooldowns and burst during a dance window”.

Playing sub at anything above 2k requires timing, precision, coordination with teammates to land burst during cross chain CC, cooldown management, proc management, etc etc etc.

not to mention that subs damage comes out in massive burst windows that are used around Shadowdance. Meaning, sub is super susceptible to being CC’d. Meaning to get good value out of sub, you have to be watching your enemies DR’s, and their CC/defensive cd’s.

Otherwise u will just be controlled completely during ur burst window.

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