Outlaw: Hard stuck at 33k

Any tips from some keystone masters? I’ve simmed, experimented with different stats/gear/essences, and in both Assassination and Outlaw, I can routinely hit the mid 30’s by the time the dungeon is over. I see others in the 40k-50k range.

I must be doing something wrong, besides not having Diver’s Folly. I have doubts that a single weapon could represent 7k-9k worth of overall DPS.

Cheers, looking forward to some discussion!

What is keeping you from the 50k + DPS range is the ilevel of your Azerite pieces, no blood of the enemy rank 3 major, no rank 3 vision minor, no divers folly, and dungeon reps. I think your DPS is about where it should be with your current setup. Can probably hit the 40’s with the reps.

You are also low on crit for a deeper strat build. You want to be 30+ minimum, and you have zero sockets on all of your gear. Generally, sockets can be worth up to 20 ilevels on armor, and moreso on rings.

This is my rogue for reference. I hope I helped!

I made the mistake of gambling my 450s and got screwed. I won’t be doing that again in 8.3, for sure.

I need blood, just despise random BGs. I gotta grind it out eventually. I’ve had terrible luck with gear, especially sockets. Meanwhile, my warrior alt is 443 with 450’s, sockets… lul.

At least I’ll get my rank 3 vision tomorrow!

I suppose I’m doing it “right” for what I have available, which makes me feel a bit better. I appreciate the feedback!