Outlaw DF S2 tier set 4pc discussion

YO…are we happy?



Hmmmm, I have to say that I found it interesting, however, let’s see how it goes


The math is very underwhelming unless I’m not doing it correctly.

If my pistol shot hits 3 times for 15k each hit, that’s 45k damage.

That’s 2250 damage over 8 seconds. Let’s say I IMMEDIATELY hit BTE right after. That’s 4500 extra damage.

This feels bad.


The 2set is just a 5% damage boost, basically flat.

The 4set makes it slightly more interesting as it doubles (and consumes) your current ticking damage and effectively makes it so that 5% damage is worth 10% instead for that hit. This along with 7% agility.

We still dont know a lot (does it proc off BF, how does the 5% calculate its damage is it like ignite) but just out of the box it looks fairly strong, probably 10% or more total boost.


As long as it is physical damage it’s garbage, it’s the same problem we always have,

It’s basically a “damage tax” and we are one of the few specs that still has to deal with it.


It’s all instances of your damage. 5% over 8 seconds. There’s going to be constant instances of the soulrip dot on your target until between the eyes just explodes all of it for 200% damage.

Thats how i interpret the text.

Given that the set says it’s damage over time, I don’t think it’s going to be reduced by armor. It’s would just be 5% of w.e damage we already did after armor calculation

Hmm if soulrip can knock people out of stealth that would be a plus.

For AoE damage I wonder how well soulrip could cleave with blade furry and unleashing all the soulrips on mobs with between the eyes. :thinking:

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Interactions to check on ptr

Does it use damage from trinkets? Ie grieftorch

Does it use dot damage? Ie sepsis

Does each instance of damage override or is it a rolling total?

How does things like dark arc interact with the dot? Does it go up or is it static applied damage? How does the damage work on i teractions like prey on the weak?

Does it proc off bladeflurry? What about blade rush?

Hopeful thought is that it works properly echoing reprimand, double attack things (sinister strike and ambush) and ghostly strike buff (the abilities bit 10% harder but who knows when the soul rip is calculated)


Im no outlaw but that’s a bleed and bleeds ignore all armor.


They have to make bte crit passive back without having to spend points to get it and significantly buffing bte damage to make this work.


this set itself is enough to make casting bte on cd a priority. May even make greenskins a better pick again


Bout time they gave us a REAL finishing move. Not only is this a win, but it’s blizzard acknowledging outlaw lacks burst damage. Hopefully it’s a good sign moving forward.


Stuff like this should of been cool talents, not tier sets. Not silly reprimand and the gang from SL.

Hopefully rogues get options to customize and feel fluid instead of gimmicks soon.

They show us as much love as they have druids and the newly implemented retribution rework and we would feel solid.


This might be worse than the current one

Outlaw shouldn’t need borrowed power to complete it’s class.


Set states : …dealing 5% of all damage you deal as physical damage…
In other words : Deals 5% bonus dmgs, based on dmgs done, as physical dmgs…

Personally I understand Its physical dmgs and its reduced by armor.

What we need is much, much, much more simplier then that : Remove aoe cap from outlaw, considerably reduce dmgs above 8 targets, and let us burst 400k like other class’s :wink:


Yeah that’s how I’m reading it to.


Will it make up for the loss of our current tier bonus?

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Our current tier bonus is almost useless.

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Most bleeds are physical damage and they aren’t reduced by armor.

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