<Outcast> is looking for a few more core raiders

Guild Type: Midcore

About Us: is a midcore PVE guild in search of a few additional members to join our core team of raiders. We enjoy our time raiding together and are not interested in the unnecessary drama that comes from bad attitudes or elitist behavior. We play this game to raid and have fun.

Progress: MC and Onyxia are currently on farm status and average 2 hours for completion. We are currently 4/8 in BWL and have made significant progress despite not filling the raid. We don’t strive for speed clears, instead focusing on execution and making sure our raid keeps a fun and comfortable environment.

Loot: DKP Hybrid: All items are DKP restricted to appropriate class/specs.

Days/Times: Tuesday/Thursdays 6:30pm-9:30pm server. We begin forming at 6:00pm and there is an on-time DKP bonus for everyone who is in the instance at 6:25pm.

Note: While we are progressing in BWL, off day MC/Ony are possible depending on raid availability.

Requirements: - Be timely and be respectful to your fellow guild members. During progression, mistakes may occur and no one person should be attacked. Make an effort to bring the necessary consumables – bandages and healing pots are expected as a minimum. We understand that flasks and elixirs are expensive and you may not be able to have them every week, however the effort is appreciated and noted.

Looking For:

  • High Priority:
    • 1 x Tank (Warrior pref)
    • Fury Warriors
    • Rogues
    • 1 x Warlock
    • 1 x Resto Shaman
    • 2 x Healing Priest (Holy or Disc)
  • Mid Priority:
    • 1 x Boomkin
    • 1 x Resto Druid

Anyone interested will be invited to the guild but just know not every raid spot right now is guaranteed if you are a class that we have an excess of at the moment :slight_smile:

Contact: Reply directly here or add me on discord (Noice#7987) and message me if you would like join. Feel free to write any comments, questions, concerns or anything. Thank you.