Osiris (A) Recruiting for T5 content Wed/Thurs 8-11pm

Osiris (A) Bloodsail Buccaneers is currently recruiting for our SSC 3 of 6 /TK 0 of 4 progression. Our Raid Team is currently seeking the following:
Raid type: semi hardcore
Resto Shaman
Elemental Shaman
Prot Paladin
Feral Druid (kitty)
We Raid Wednesday and Thursday from 8-11pm server time. We would prefer Attuned applicants, but we are willing to help those who are motivated to get their Champion of the Naru completed.
Please contact myself or one of our other officers for a quick chat about the details on our recruitment. Obviously, we would welcome any class/spec and entry into the guild does not guarantee a raid spot.
Contacts: Daiwar / Monsterhead / Ellimist / Zeppoliner / Cyanbloo / Rubmytotems