Orkish Rogue or Rogue Orc, whats right, where can i find?

Hello, I’m looking for help to find an Orc that’s playing the Rogue class. What it is, is I am finishing up the Pilgrim Achieves. All I have left is ‘Turkey Lurky’ and of that, all I lack is an Orkish Rogue, maybe Orcish. Hard to find, second hardest was Goblin Rogue. As I don’t usually look for Rogues, I don’t know where to look. Will someone suggest an area? Thanks.

You could try hanging out near the rogue class halls in dalaran, might see a few of them walk by

Hi, and thanks. I did try that. It wasn’t as busy as I’d hoped, and I ended up moving down the street towards the main sewer access, then I could watch the Horde embassy, people coming off the FP, and people porting in. Saw plenty of Rogues, and this was where I found a Goblin Rogue, but no Orcish Rogue, not before my patience ran out. New Dal would have worked eventually, but I was able to think of a better bottle neck. The Champions of Aerozoth world quest was up, and to collect, everybody has to pass through Magni’s camp in Silthus. That where I found my Orcish Rogue. From Terenas server I think. This ‘pilgrim’ says ‘Thanks’.

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