Oribos flight paths causing motion sickness

The Oribos Flight Paths can cause pretty intense motion sickness very quickly. A few things contribute to it
-The mount used when you leave Oribos is one that triggers motion sickness for me even in the open world.
-It isn’t a straight shot. There’s a lot of character and camera movement.
-The streaks aren’t static. They rotate around your character.

I’m not exactly sure what the solution is here but some suggestions I have are
-See if people have less of a reaction when they are zoomed completely in and see it from a first person view. This helped me a lot.
-Make a distant point that does not move to focus on. This is a common tip for anyone who experiences motion sickness in the car.

The best way I can describe a potential solution that does not sacrifice the epicness is to try and emulate Stargate’s wormholes. The wormhole is a static “tube” or simply a graphic above and below the center of the camera. Making the path less free floating and more of a tube/tunnel may be the solution.

I know I’m not the only one who experiences motion sickness/queasiness during these flight paths and I don’t want the solution for this to be "just tab out until it’s over. I also don’t want to see the experience drastically changed either. I do think there’s a middle ground that is accessible and epic. Those of us who suffer from motion sickness don’t all suffer the same so I’d love to hear other people’s input/suggestions.


I am tabbing out all the time on those anyway. I am not sure why that can’t be the solution, why does the game have to change in this situation. It isn’t like you are doing anything on those flight paths that require you to be looking at the screen.

That said, not my money they can do what they want.

Are you talking about the vortex travel thingy? That is awful, just absolutely awful looking and way way too long. It should be the same length as a Stargate SG1 wormhole nothing longer and not as seizure inducing as it is now


I kind of thought it was cool, but maybe I just sit away from my monitor far enough to not experience it? It does kinda feel jarring when the mount seems to be going one way while the hole you’re in goes another direction.


I think it’s pretty. Isn’t there a new motion sickness type setting? Does that change something like this?

I was about to say … If motion sickness in a video game bugs you that much probably use the accessibility options or change your refresh rate on your monitor…


“Man it sucks that this totally unnecessary graphic that could easily have a toggle to turn off is causing you and other people to physically want to throw up, but that seems like more of a ‘you’ problem than something Blizzard should fix.”

Man, some of the responses I’ve seen to this problem (that’s been stated as a problem by more than just a couple people), is really telling of the mindset and character some of these people have.


It’s funny how the npc’s still consider them “portals” that they need the dangerously low anima reserves to create… only to then hop on a mount from our world that mysteriously works while traveling through the “void”. Porting us obviously was too quick for their “time played” metric.

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When going on the flight path through that vortex I have to turn away or it makes me not feel so well. Just affects me in a negative way. I am hoping they will do something to make this easier on people.


“I’m not blind, why does there need to be a solution to this problem?”

  • Korette-feathermoon

If OP was blind, there would be no motion sickness problem.

Hey just want to chime in here- if it were as simple as turning off/changing a setting I would have done that by now and shared a fix. If anyone who has had motion sickness from it and has any tips for how to ease it I would absolutely love to hear them. Always love learning new tips from other people who suffer with the same issues :]

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While I dont get motion sickness, the visuals quickly lead to a migraine level headache if I dont tab out. If I have sound going, its even worse, as this is arguably the worst sound effect in game.


TBH it hasn’t affected me as yet - and I get motion sickness from anytime my character is on a conveyor belt or lots of other environmental effects.

It might be because I often use the time to do something else on another screen. shrug

Are you scrolled right out? I find that helps with motion sickness symptoms - though heavily wooded environments like Ardenweald can be difficult to do with a zoomed out camera.

I had more issues yesterday when we got the bug where the Oribos stargate effect started playing in the skybox over Ardenweald and stayed that way until a relog (reload didn’t fix it).

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It’s actually way better for me if I zoom all the way in as I noted in the OP. It like…puts me in the driver seat it kinda feels like. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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It definitely gives me a Doctor Who feel. I still think it’s better than staring off into the void of nothingness.

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