Order of the Cloud Serpent - quick way to grind?

Would like to tame some Cloud Serpents but starting at Friendly. Any tips on grinding this Rep?

Really no quick grind, and one thing you may run into…One of the daily;s is to get bandages…which you cannot do anymore. At least I no longer see it…so thankfully my storage toon had some. (I keep it all) so I was able to do it for some. Also you need fish, which I never done.

I can tell you the lowest effort method but it isn’t the fastest just the laziest way to do it if you don’t want to do dailies or hunt for eggs.

Every Timewalking go on several characters and do one dungeon.
Turn in the item for 500 timewarped badges.
Do this on as many alts as you can.
When MoP timewalking is available in a couple months you can turn in all your timewarped badges for a Bind on account token item that gives 300 order of the cloud serpent reputation.
Trade all of the token items to one character.
Once you reach Revered you can buy an item from the Order of the Cloud serpents quartermaster that doubles your rep gain.

If you fallow the questline near Arboretum that introduces you to the dailies that will also gain you some additional rep.

If your looking for fastest your pretty much doing dailies every day. There are also some Onyx cloud serpent eggs that can be found randomly hidden around the Windward isle . As I recall the eggs work similar to old gather nodes were they despawn if no one interacts with them for a set amount of time and this is the only real method to speed things up outside of the dailies.

If your interested in experiencing the legacy content go for it but otherwise I would recommend the Timewalking method simply because it is one day every 3 or so weeks you put in a good amount of time running dungeons rather then around an hour of dailies every day. For what I believe is over a month.

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The eggs are really easy to find. I made a macro out of their coordinates and went from spawn to spawn. I did it on several characters and I don’t remember it taking more than an hour or two.

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Race change to Pandaran?

If you have an alt that is exalted they can buy and learn the book. Then your hunter can tame serpents. Thats how I did it.

You can farm timewarped badges very easily via the Chromie scenarios from Legion. I farmed enough to buy every timewalking mount (except the undead horse, since it sucks) in about two or three days.

At revered, buy the book from the qm there to get double xp on your faction gains. It goes pretty quick.