Orcs vs Night Elves

(Blasco) #1

Anyone else find this rivalry more iconic than Orcs vs Humans? Blizzard loves going back to Orcs vs Humans, but I wish they’d keep focusing on Night Elves moving forward after Darkshore. I think their motive for fighting the Horde is much more interesting than Anduin’s, and overall their leaders are more interesting characters to follow.


Why do night elves hate orcs? Because orcs still have fangs? I don’t get it.

(Gelato) #3

Probably to do with orcs invading Ashenvale


Doesn’t that belong to Furbolgs and Satyrr? If night elves want claim anything they want in kalimdor then I see nothing wrong with orcs giving night elves a taste of their own medicine.

(Gelato) #5

I completely agree that we simply deserve to have Ashenvale, in fact all of Kalimdor. Sadly those elf types don’t see it that way :confused:


Orcs having everything in kalimdor? Or horde having everything in kalimdor? There is big difference you know, because I love Taurens.


next you’ll be saying Tauren vs gnomes is more iconic than goblins vs gnomes.

(Gelato) #8

Well yeah Tauren can obviously still get whatever green pastures they want to graze on

(Blasco) #9

Night Elves are very protective of their forests, while Orcs imposed on their territory for lumber and other resources.


You transmog and speak like human male paladin.

(Gelato) #11

and you still look like filth I see.


At least I’m not trying to be human male paladin.


THEIR forest? I’m new and all, please tell me you’re serious.

(Gelato) #14

by being dumb and dirty? Gotcha gotcha, back to your mud hut now


Your self-hatred is adorably funny, and pitiful.

(Gelato) #16

Says the one who doesn’t want all of Kalimdor for the orcs? Pretty pathetic excuse for an orc tbh. Guess you’re just playing pretend by putting a skull on your head :laughing:


I’m not surprised that you don’t know the first thing about what it means to be an orc. You poor human male paladin wannabe.

(Gelato) #18

me orc me put skull on face.

Grow up, you’re the type to hold the Horde back and look dreadful while doing it.


Luckily for me I don’t care much for how others see me. So yaaaaaay for me.

(Nielamalyon) #20

Orc and Human rivalry died with the Alliance of Lordaeron