Orc & Human Heritage Armors Are Disappointing

So I guess if you’re not a plate-wearer you’re S.O.L.? Because anybody who’s not a warrior/paladin/DK isn’t really going to be able to make use of these sets for mixing and matching with any existing mog pieces you already have.

Don’t get me wrong, they look fantastic but honestly Blizzard, this highlights just how far you’ve fallen from what you once were.

The blood elf heritage armor for example was perfect because it had different pieces you could swap out and was blood elf-like enough in appearance that anybody could use it because the armor didn’t look like heavy slabs of metal outright.

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Dude look at your goblin heritage armor

The same style of armor is on plate too, and you’re a hunter


Mr. pot meet kettle

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Uh, no? The goblin armor highlights the craziness of goblins and a goblin would slap together anything to try and make it work. That’s the point. It’s meant to be a hodge podge of things and it works brilliantly.

Add to that there was nothing distinctly goblin in appearance as far as armor sets go in the game before the heritage armor came out.

These are clearly just fancified versions of grunt/footman armor sets that already exist from the garrisons in Warlords of Draenor and come across as exceptionally lazy.


Hypocrite :rofl:

Goblin armor have metal sheets, like plate does

Spikes, like plate armor especially warrior sets

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Goblins don’t care about armor type, only explosives.


See? Fortuna gets it. You clearly do not. The goblin set has a bit of everything as far as armor type appearances go, and it works for any goblin class.

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They’ve already said there will be variations

We don’t know if those will be just re-colors or swappable pieces that would make the sets jive better with other armor types. It’s way too early to start tantrumming.


One of the blues said there would be some variations. The sets are ok, definitely fit the theme but kinda boring to me. My human is a lock so that outfit is not her style at all :joy:

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Looks good to me. Can’t wait to get those on my DK Human and Rogue Orc.

Also, if anything these sets should be more exciting for non-plate wearers.

DKs, Warriors, and Pallies could already wear the Warfront armors that these are basically just jazzed up versions of. But now all the other classes can get a classic plate look too.

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Ugh, seriously? Our heritage armor is just a patchwork of BfA season 1 warfront for Alliance and some WoD garrison/classic wow pvp hybrid for orcs? What a lazy creation, how disappointing. Why can’t we get something like what the human and orc wore in the Mists of Pandaria cinematic?

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Yeah my mage is a human so I was not happy about this. My orc’s happy though lol



I mean that’s basically just an admiral’s coat for the human and the basic warfront gear for the orc.

You can already make those sets in game.

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Cool. Wowhead didn’t point that out with their page so thanks, that gives me a bit of hope.


The Orc armor is amazing

the human armor is terrible, it’s the same as the BFA Warfront one

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Ehh it’s similar but there’s not really that much more you can do with humans, stylistically.

I’m excited to see what they do with the variations. Even if it’s just re-colors.

I don’t disagree with you about it being good for some mix and match, but come on. Those shoulders are chunky. And the chest piece literally has a solid slab on the front.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m with you about the human and orc sets looking pretty distinctly plate-like. And that is a bummer. But they did also say the sets would have some variations that they haven’t shown yet. So I’m holding out some hope that it will include something to make it feel more suited to a spellcaster, and not just a colour option. Like maybe a longer skirt piece, or a more open head piece.