Opinions from Warlocks


The Robe of Arcana quest in Ratchet: worth it or no? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.




Ok, was leaning that way already. Thanks for the response.


I think its a fun quest. I personally enjoy all the class quests. That said, I think when I did mine back in the day, I got an upgrade pretty soon from a dungeon I believe(or maybe guild tailor?) Edit: I guess also depends on if you can have guild help you do it early on)


Imo. No. The elementals for the last part are too camped out every time Ive ever tried to go there. It’s not worth the time.


It’s fun quest string if you don’t mind jumping back and forth across the world half a dozen times. I did it the other night just for fun and it was entertaining. I’d already quested in all the zones and had flight points. I really wish I would have done it while I was questing to save all the travel, but oh well.

If you do it early, it’s a decent upgrade in power. It’s still not bad at 41, and honestly, i’ll probably keep it until I start farming BIS gear, so your mileage may vary.

All of the quest mobs were easy. If you’ve done the fel hunter quest, you can handle the infernal and satyrs in Desolace. The fire elementals in Arathi are a bit tougher if you do it at lower level. I had to kill 8-10 lvl38 fire elemental to get the quest drops.

I got lucky and got the gold bar as a drop from a chest and had it in my bank. I bought the robe on the AH for 1G 50S.

I also dinged 41 when I turned in the final quest to collect the finished robe.


There’s a lot of travel but the drop rates are good on the items. I’m still using them at 47. It took about 4 kills for the elemental drop. You can probably easily party with someone for them, they’re soulbound and unique to warlocks.

(Ziryus) #8

/shrug I’m still using the final quest reward at 41. There is a ton of travel involved and possibly some expense but it’s not that much money and I did the traveling when I was doing chores etc… anyways so I would have been afk anyways.


It’s a good robe and it looks nice. Did feel like a little bit of a waste after getting Robes of the Lich at 40, but that’s certainly not a guaranteed drop.


The robe is a good item. Quest wasn’t that hard.


It’s trash. No spell/shadow damage. Wait til level 38 and grab a Shadowweave Robe (or Robe of the Magi). I used it all the way to 60 then replaced it with Robe of the Void.


Its fine, I still use it and I’m 48. I’ll prob keep it until robe of the void


Yeah, this is actually the best advice. I forgot shadoweave existed because nobody on my faction/server was putting any on the AH when I was leveling, but I doubt that’s an issue at this point. Pick up the other pieces too.


Well maybe I’ll do it after all. Sounds like a fun quest line. My biggest concern was going through all of it just to have an upgrade drop in my first SM run. /shrug

Thanks for all the helpful responses. See you all around Azeroth.


Did you guys do all of the warlock demon quests when you hit the corresponding levels? I honestly think I’m just going to stick with the imp and voidwalker until battlegrounds come around…unless you guys convince me I need them for WPvP? I’m on a pvp server


I did the succubus and fel hunter quest for the soulstone bags.

The succubus quest gives you 12 slot soulbag, and the fel hunter quest gives you a 16 slot soul box.

I don’t use the demons yet, although some people say succubus does more DPS than imp in dungeons, and fel hunter is the goto demon for PVP.


Its not complete trash.

You want some stats, afterall, esp on a pvp server. Not every piece should be +shadow.

But xp/minute, not the best return.

I try to do it when its time to pick up the profession books, and felhunter/hooker. Less wasted time that way.


If you aren’t rushing to 60 and are Alliance, then yes. It is a good robe and a fun quest chain.


This. I only replaced it at BRD with the emperor one


Tbh I use all 4 demons fairly often. Felhunter is godmode in quest hubs with cultists and casters, auto interrupt auto de buff eating and high base magic resistance. Succubus is the highest dps pet.
Voidwalker to tank multiple or elite mobs and imp for group buff.

Just don’t forget the infernal quest in felwood.
I’ve started the doomguard one and stuck on the quest that requires you to go inside Dire Maul which isn’t released yet