Opinion - One patch in Shadow Priest Changes

Yeah. What about ST tho? I never get very good numbers in ST

Also, if it doesn’t already, make Shadow Weaving affect Apparitions. I might want to base a build off of Apparitions, not just let them be as passive damage

Shadow excels at ST. If you’re not getting decent numbers you might want to read up on the rotation.

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Shadow Priests are one of the Giants when it comes to ST. We don’t have a problem there, it is when it comes to AoE that things get iffy.

Ugh, I would sacrifice all my alts to get voidform back. I miss it so much and honestly, I do think Blizzard could have made it work if the forums weren’t screeching about how they wanted old shadow back

Yeah, we got it back… And now we’re just another run of the mill builder/spender spec with burst windows and CDs that don’t line up. Oh and the worst AoE rotation ever implemented

I miss voidform :slightly_frowning_face:


I absolutely love everything about shadow this time around. They did incredibly well with it.

Feel like a powerhouse on every level tbh.


Aye, I feel shadow right now feels almost perfect to play. Just need better aoe cleave and line up our CDs better. Was never a fan of the legion and BFA shadow priest since leveling with them felt bad. Just hated that once you get 100 insanity you automatically went into void form.

In a boss battle, that is fine, for everything else, that felt like a waste of insanity if nothing or no one was around to keep the insanity going. Now it feels so much better to play and love devouring plague more than keeping void form up as long as you could.

I agree with a lot of the other players. The spec is fun and rewarding to play and the only glaring problems with the class right now are related to their poor AE performance and the simple fact that their legendary choices are awful. Even after 9.1 it’s looking like there isn’t a single priest legendary worth using in PvP and people will still use Sephuz. These things really do need to be resolved, but I’d say Shadow is in a pretty good spot overall.

With that said, I do find significant issue with both Shadow Form and Insanity. Neither of these have any real rewarding or meaningful purpose for the class anymore. They could just increase Shadow damage by 10% via a passive and put a cooldown or a cast time on DP and remove both of these class defining abilities entirely and few would care. That’s a problem. Blizzard really needs to find a way to make Insanity and Shadow Form meaningful parts of the class again.

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I think shadowform is basically just thematic / aesthetic at this point, but I completely disagree with you saying that you could remove the resource the spec would play the same.

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but I completely disagree with you saying that you could remove the resource the spec would play the same.

I mean, they can just remove the insanity bar and give us back the shadow orbs. I always felt that felt much better than just every 50 insanity you get a dp out.

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DP did a ton of damage when we had orbs because it wasn’t spammable the way that it can be in some scenarios now. I prefer orbs over insanity but for the most part I’m happy with the spec.

Doing well cleaving and getting my single target nuke every once a while was fun to me.