Operation Gnomeregan and Zalazane's Fall Now Live!

This isn’t getting love though. It’s getting regurgitated crap that is like 15+ years old now at this point and it wasn’t even all that fun and engaging back then.

I agree with the sentiment here.

I’m in a 10 man Heroic raid group (only because we don’t have the people for 25 anymore), and it’s disheartening to see that our efforts mean nothing compared to 25s.

I’m not asking for Shadowmourne pieces to drop, but maybe increase the rewards for 10 man Heroic at the very least? Extra tokens or something to make it more worth our while?

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Whats your ankles, buddy

Just to Clarify, this is going to last until Cata release correct? or is it just like for the next week or so?

increased tiger drop rate plz??

WTF? No love for 10 man groups?

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wrathful set for honor and more emblems of frost would of been a really nice boost to the lifeblood of wotlk until cata… no one wants to make alts right now because it takes a month for 4 set and 4-6 weeks for wrathful

retail isn’t bringing in the dough


This looks really cool. I love the posters.

I think it’d be great if we could get some stuff like this in retail, Gnomes and Trolls need some attention.

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These Scenarios, as well as Battle for Undercity, would make great Timewalking Events in Retail!

Especially since the instanced/phased scenario tech in Retail is less buggy than the automated world-events of that era (btw: The Lights Hope event in the DK starting zone could use an scenario-tech update as well. The Vash’jir submarine quest in Cata could be a similar case.)


I’ve been rocking “Darkspear Revolutionary” on my troll for 14 years now.

… but I can’t bring myself to use “Hordebreaker” on my Alliance toons. Makes me feel dirty :stuck_out_tongue:

The gamma scourgestone drops arent even working correctly.


The tokens and shards arent working as well


Blizzard needs to fix these issues!!! Don’t tempt us with less farming just to not implement it.

The biggest hurdle in gearing is really badges of Frost numbers, just make daily drop more or give us a badge more per end boss in heroics. You did everything else but change the number of badges for gear.

None of the ICC 25man loot updates are in correctly. Not all bosses are dropping shards, end wing bosses are only dropping 1, and 1 heroic loot token.

Really need emblem drops buffed by like 3x kinda crazy how long it takes for you to get 4pc this late in.

Can we please get permanent wrath classic realms. Thanks

Shouldn’t this be posted in, like, the Wrath of the Lich King Classic forums? I’m sure I’m not the only one who missed this announcement.