Opening More Paragon Caches Increases Rank 4 Essence Drop Rate

We’re increasing the drop rate of Rank 4 Essences for eligible players as they open more Rustbolt Resistance, Ankoan/Unshackled, Rajani, and Uldum Accord Paragon caches. This change will also be retroactive and will count the Paragon caches that were opened in the past.

We’re aiming to implement this change in the next day or two, we’ll be sure to update the thread when the changes are live.

Update: The change is live as of June 17.


I guess the question is is this to make it easier to get them before they’re old content or to make it easier to get them before they’re gone?


Whoooo! Nice change. Still after a few of them myself. Wonder if this means a possible change to legion ones in the future where the mounts will have a higher chance to drop after opening more.


Is it now 1% up from 0.1%? Need more details…

How exactly retroactive part work? Will I get rewarded with essence on login if I opened some paragon caches weeks/months ago?


That’s nice, now what about the god forsaken mount from the Unshackled paragon chest? I’ve lost count of how many I’ve opened since 8.2 and I still don’t have it.


Why… wasn’t this already the case?

Thanks for doing it, but… this should’ve been how it launched.


Its to make the achievement of all rank 4 essences easier to get for the title, ofc you’ll still have to kill mythic azshara and nzoth.

I think ALL paragon boxes (Legion, BFA) should have some kind of bad-luck protection for special rewards including mounts, pets, toys, etc. Nobody likes farming rep forever.



turns out that azeroth’s champion title was NEARLY impossible.


For non mythic raiders it is.

I’m sure they are kinda on the fence on it but from my experience I think they will remove them… like the “prestige” thing.

Last I checked nobody in the world had the achievement.

I got that mount 1st box without even knowing about it, felt great. I’m done with that garbage zone.

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:sob::sob::sob: get me out

Thank God. I’ve opened so many unshackled ones paragon’s.


Both, lol :hugs:

Still nowhere near exalted lmao


Me either, I’m hugging the 10k revered mark. :pleading_face:

Surely this will get the quitters to return to WoW!

Blessed blizzard hallow be thy name.

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You know what would go hand-in-hand with this change? The rep buff you turned off last month…

Or, start adding Echoes of Ny’alotha to Paragon caches. You know, the most recent currency you added in a spectularly poorly thought-out way, that we now have to constantly grind as we wait for your vendor to slowly sell us the corruptions we want.