Open world instancing when you invite people to a group needs cleaned up

Can we please get prompts and choices for instancing when joining a group? For instance I just invited someone to group with me after planting a gigantic dream seed…and got pulled into their instance. No choice, no way back, just lost it for seemingly no reason.

Instancing is getting used more and more and more and it is getting messier along the way. Please clean this up and give us better controls on it. Hell, I don’t get why guilds are not from the get go put in the same instance when coming into a zone in the first place unless they try to get into another one. It’s maddening.

I think you mean sharding. An instance is something else entirely. But yes I agree. It’s happened to me before and is extremely frustrating when inviting someone and rather than them getting sharded over to you, for whatever reason the reverse occurs and you get sharded over to their shard instead. No idea what the trigger is for this reverse occurrence.

I’ve had rares evaporate before my eyes because of this, resulting in not just one, but 2 frustrated players since the other player joined my group because I was advertising the fact that I had the rare up.

Even weirder now it might be layering instead of sharding or whatever the hell. I do agree sharting is probably the best term though:)

I wish we just didn’t have sharding. Just put everyone there, makes the world feel like people actually still play WoW. :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated:

AND INCREASE THE VIEW DISTANCE. I wanna be able to see people from across the continent. :dracthyr_comfy_sip:

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