OOOF! Blizzard clarified on MoP Remix, NO legendary quest chain/challenge mode sets

I have done the Leggo Cloak grind three times. I would have hated to do it again. I am glad of this.

It’s ridiculous watching full grown men have a meltdown over a single class armor set in a sea of transmog.

Every time blizzard adds something new to the game people convince themselves they’re getting challenge modes or other removed items and it never happens.


You dont need the CM sets, and the legendary quest line was pretty slow so the fact the whole event is to go fast makes sense why its not in. relax.

I’m not copying your link for some meme. You’ve been freaking out on the forums for days now. Either unsub if you can’t handle not getting a transmog or let it go, because those are your two options.



You not getting a CM set that’s been unavailable for years means the event is exclusive… How, exactly?

I’m not going anywhere. I enjoy wow. It’s not my fault you don’t enjoy reading my opinions about the game. Maybe you shouldn’t read my posts anymore.

No reason the recolors shouldn’t be in this event.


That’s for Blizzard to decide. They may reuse them for something else, or they may never offer them.

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no reason to need something you did not earn in its time period.


Same old story from these people. Blizzard’s stance on challenge modes is crystal clear. They’re aren’t cheapening it by handing out free recolors.


someone gets it. ffs


Even if they get recolors they’ll be crying for the originals. Just like werebear and the sparkle cat. It’ll never be enough until they can get their +1.


they just want the rewards for not playing the content.

I understand why they don’t add it, it is a time-limited event and the original legendary chain required performing several activities that were slow or that could no longer be completed today, they would have to modify it and that is more work, it is easier simply add the original appearances to the new layer but with a different name and that’s it. It doesn’t bother me personally, I want the appearance, if it has another name it doesn’t matter.

The same thing would happen to me with the CM recolors, if they had the complete appearance without looking like the Legion Class Hall nerfed they would work for me.

Alright then. I’ll keep posting my opinion and I won’t care about anyone like you saying I shouldn’t.


No reason not to want a recolor. It’s perfectly reasonable.


I don’t need recolors to something i have the original to. play the game in certain periods to win prizes.

I don’t care what you want or need.

I’m not asking for those prizes that were handed out years ago.