Onyxia Raid Pug <3 SoM

Hey guy im looking for people to pug the raid on the 21 with 60 templates just let me know if you want to join we are going to be raiding around 8pm est to 11 est <3 my discord is Matt(Rage)#2884
just shoot me a message
you can also just reply to the forum and i can reach out to you ill be keeping a close eye on this if you can post your discord name im going to try an get a sever we can all talk in <3

Hell yeah, that sounds dope. I’m in. Was looking for a group for thursday night.


Hey!! man hell ya we will be playing horde so <3 hopefully we can get enough people

Hey guys. I’m in!

you do realize they added the LFG function to make groups in game now right?

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Yeah!!! i just want to see if i can get people from here as well <3

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