<onlyfans> lf co-op bwl team

ONLY FANS is currently in the middle of rebuilding our raid core to continue with progression and keep moving forward. We are a Casual-Competitive raid core who raid 2 nights a week (with a 3rd night if needed), mainly raiding on Wednesdays and Thursdays @ 5:30st. Currently have 22-28 In our core group and are looking for any guilds in a similar dilemma / situation. We are simply looking to pair up with said guild 1-2 nights a week for BWL, to ensure gear progression and raid experience continue for our members as we continue to fill our core ranks.

Simple open loot roll system with MS > OS, with Crafting Materials to be split 50/50

Ideally looking for as close to a 20/20 member split as possible within the runs but we are flexible

Preferably on either Wednesday or Thursday night but we are flexible on days and even times.

Have no issues with people having lack of experience on the fights or willingness to lead. We have experience doing all the fights in there and can help teach new raiders or come to a collective leadership that benefits the overall raid! We also have no problem taking the backseat as long as loot is fair and you just need a simple 15-25 people to help fill your raid to get it done.

WE DO ASK THAT ANY INQUIRIES ARE PRIMARILY MC GEARED, with some knowledge of their classes and raid. We have ran with some under-geared pugs in the past and its just not that fun. We dont want to waste time

WE RUN A 10/10 MC RECRUITMENT PUG (2 HOURS OR LESS) EVERY WEDNESDAY @ 5:30st INVITES AT 5 for anyone interested in seeing what were about or even to give us a trial run aside from the BWL. Please Message or send an In Game Mail to either Hasnoeyes, Druedin, or Zendiya with any questions or interests. THANKS BABIES <3 XO