Only seeing one server on beta "Torghast"

I have gained access to Shadowlands beta tonight and have found out that there are 3 servers for most people yet I only see the one. I was looking to Make a level 50 template or Copy a char over. Every time I make a char I look at a level 60 char. When I go to copy a char over it was copy failed then bugs my game out. I was wondering why I can only see the endgame server. When I was wanting to test out some classes changes while leveling in say Bastion. Some feedback would be nice on the situation.


A guild member said a similar thing yesterday. Not sure what is happening. I can see all 3 servers, but already had access.

I am in the exact same boat. Only one server (Torghast), can’t copy over a character. I am really hoping to get to test leveling before the end of beta, so hopefully one of those two things gets fixed pretty quickly.


The servers have been demonstrating problems for about half a day… no-one has been able to copy a character, if you don’t have characters on the two levelling servers you don’t see them etc. - they probably need a restart / reset.

Im in the exact same boat. Got the beta last night and was really confused why I could only create a level 60 that started at the picking of the covenant

I am also only able to see Torghast after winning my key on Thursday afternoon but I was able to copy over a toon at level 120/50 without issue that night.

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Yep. I too am only seeing the one server. I was most interested to see the new leveling changes but now I cannot. Halp lol

Create a level 1 on live and copy it to Torghast. I haven’t actually tried it but it should be the same result.

Aww boo, copies are failing too lol thanks for the tip though


Bumping this as I am also experiencing the same error. Only Server visible is Torghast.

I have been having this exact same issue as well since Thursday.

Likewise here!

I’ve put two tickets in and their last response was to post here on the forums lol gg

Just wanted to confirm that this is not intended, all Beta testers should have access to all the Beta realms.

We have been investigating into this and believe we have found the root cause. If you have Beta access and were only able to see the Torghast Realm, you should be able to see all 3 realms now.

Apologies for the inconvenience.


Can confirm I see all three now.

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Yep can see them all now, awesome!

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Yes I can see all 3 Beta servers.

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Thank you so much, I can finally see other realms!

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Great news! Looking forward to checking this when I can get back to my computer.

I also am seeing all 3 servers, thanks devs.