Only running 20 fps

So I play a lot of classic, and It runs perfectly fine on my laptop: 2.3 ghz, 6 gb ram, intel integrated UHD 620. IT actually runs at around 100 fps. But on my Tower PC: 3.5 ghz, 8 gb ram, AMD HD 5770, the game runs at about 20 fps while outside, if im inside or in a cave it runs at 60, but still 20 fps to me is pretty unplayable and I was wondering if anyone knew a fix. If it helps, im running Windows 10

If I were in your position, I would alt-tab out of the WoW window, right-click on the bottom of the screen, and open the Task Manager. Check if any CPU-consuming processes are running in the background.

@Ronduwil, I’ll go test that out real quick

Update your amd drivers. Or possibly revert to an older version if you recently updated.

AMD cards are notorious for driver issues.

alright, so i tested it and was still running slow but looking at task manager i was using 18% of my total cpu with everything that was running, not just WoW. What i found strange about this is that like Rainbow Six Siege and The Witcher run great on this machine

Found the problem.

@Graff lol, I have a Windows 7 cd next to me because that was going to be my last resort, like partition the drive and just leave what was on windows 10 on a different part of the drive

I don’t know if it’s the actual problem but Windows 10 has so much junk tacked on to it that I find it’s far worse than the versions before it. It can’t hurt to try another OS.

what OS do you use Graff

For WoW? I run under MacOS but I also use various versions and flavors of Windows and Linux too. I’m a software engineer so each OS is a tool for a different task.

I tend to do more home stuff under MacOS because I wrangle with computers all day at work and I just want my home machine to work smoothly. WoW runs great under MacOS so I’m happy with it.

Nice. Hey speaking about amd drivers, i just plugged the hdmi back into the pc and had a notification that my graphics drivers is updated and computer needs to restart lol, wish me luck

Sounds like driver issues. Or check your graphic settings in WoW, a few options in there do mess with FPS considerably on some machines.

HDMI might be some of the issues, HDCP can cause a lot of problems with hardware, software, and drivers. It’s better than it used to be but odd issues can still pop up.

Hope you figure out the problem!

Yeah, it’s a good idea to start out with everything turned off and then turn some settings up and test.

so the driver update only helped by about 5 fps. Not really sure where to go from here, ill probably install windows 7 on a a different partition of the drive. Also my graphics were turned all the way down and for some reason decreased the fps, so i just put it back to 3

It sure can. Especially if you are actively recommending using an OS that has reached its end of life.

What resolution are you running it on?

There must be some sort of software or hardware issue. You might want to run a memory test on both your main memory and the memory on the GPU, maybe something is misconfigured or damaged. You might also be running into cooling issues, try monitoring the temperature and see if that’s an issue.

And yet, it’s still a better OS than Windows 10.

I’ll be using Linux long before I switch to that piece of garbage bloatware and spyware package they call windows 10.


Right, Microsoft is abandoning old versions simply because they can better monetize the new ones. In many cases the older versions perform much better than Windows 10 because they have less junk stuffed into them.

Now, Windows 10 does work fine for some situations but it’s not automatically better than earlier versions. And the same goes for other operating systems like Linux and MacOS, they are great tools for some jobs.

so im in the windows 7 install menu right now, and I swear there was a button to partition the drive to like make windows 10 smaller and have a clean slate on like the other half of the drive, but im not seeing it, am I just going insane. Cause like when you install linux manjaro for example it actually gives you an option to set how to partition it