Only 180 honor for losing a 20minute bg

Is this a bug because at this point bg’s are a complete waste of time, no wonder every body leaves all the time why waste 30min for 180 honor like wtf?? Not to mention dealing with all the full premades at this point they are not even worth queing which is a shame because I enjoy bgs when they are fun and reward you, I can’t blame people for leaving when they see its a loss why t f stay for a measly 180 honor with the price of upgrades this is insane!!!

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as told to me by a level 60 rogue with 24k hit points and no leggos:
“ this is the game “

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Yeah, this is a terrible system, once i tryed 11 times to win the weekly brawl, so i gave up lol
Theres no respect for the beginner player, alts, casuals, etc…
They only favor the top 0,5%.

Play Alliance and that 180 turns into 500 per loss.

Have you tried winning?



Why make it last 20 minutes? you can make it even easier by not being AFK but not providing value either.

Watching 160k HP tanks running around and murdering people with less than half their HP isn’t exactly my idea of ‘fun’ anyway.