One Shots in PVP

Once in a while I’ll get a 2k aimed, 900-1k, auto and 1500 multi. Those three almost hit you at the same time so you may think it’s a one shot but it’s a boom boom pow in your filthy horde face.


I haven’t been 1 shot, but some rogues have killed me before I get to make one move.

I’ve 2-shotted some squishy classes with shabow bolt / shadowburn. For all intense and purpose it’s a one shot though, cause it’s happening at almost the same time.

My fave is to catch a stupid looking undead mage with his frost armor down. Die again you disgusting bag of bones.


Batching can give the feeling of one shots.

Ele shamans abusing batching with ele mastery.

Pyro mage getting a big crit follow by instant spell.

Aim shot followed by another good crit.

Seduction Locks using Soulfire curse of elements and prob Shadowburn… I think.

Ret reck palis can 1 shot you if they get good crits.

Plus the current gear is far more powerful than what would have been in vanilla at this time of progression. AND Knowledge. That is kinda key here.

Stun lock rogues I don’t count as 1 shotting.

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Warlock “oneshots” aren’t a by-product of batching. It’s a result of Soulfire/Shadow bolt having travel times while Immo, Conflag, Shadowburn do not. So if you are 15+ yards away from your target and cast a soulfire or shadow bolt and then do immo+conflag or shadowburn, all the damage hits at the same time. It worked identically in Vanilla. And in early vanilla it was even more OP back when negative resists were possible and you could do 25/50/75/100% bonus damage (multiplicative with the crit bonus) after CoS/CoE your target.


healers in tbc/wotlk were NOT immortal, good dps could solo them easy: only bad players who refused to learn how to counter a healer would struggle.

ie. i killed three rogues with thorns in wotlk once: they just stood there AAing until they all fell over. then next game, solo rogue easily killed me b/c he would gasp…stop attacking when thorns was up. crazy i know.

let’s face it, dps players just want easy kills and classic provides that in spades.

i mean try healing in this enviroment, it’s not pvp, it’s quake.

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If you’re getting one shot, then you don’t have enough stamina. Perhaps what you meant is being “Globaled” (being killed within the span of a global cooldown), and if that’s what you mean, that happened all the time in Vanilla. My hunter was decked out in tier 3 gear and I globaled people all day long in AV.


I played a resto-druid back in TBC, and literally the only thing that could kill me 1v1 was our Glaive-rogue in full pve gear. A rogue with zero resilience and using legendaries.

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There is a reason they added in Resilience. One of the better changes they made IMO.

BC resto druids were basically the hardest to kill class in existence. A deep impact meteor could hit azeroth and the only things that would survive would be cockroaches and resto druids.


I could manage it every now and then as a warlock but it required very good RNG with fear/deathcoil pathing not disrupting LOS. That was only during s2 though, with gladiator s1 weapon and t5 raid gear, I didn’t play later in TBC so it wouldn’t surprise me if rdru got even harder to kill solo.

Afflock + Spriest glad in s1 was the most fun I ever had in WoW PvP. S2+ when I was basically forced to partner with a healer was so boring in comparison.

Healers weren’t that bad in tbc, druids were strong because they could hot up and los you all day in arenas.

This is pretty catty if you ask me. All I said was I prefer bursty damage.

:cat: :cat: :cat: :cat2: :cat2: :cat2:

I would agree with that being a pretty blanket comment on something much more open than just wanting easy kills. Some prefer killing something vs waiting until a healer runs out of mana or makes a mistake.

Try using bear form.

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This could be one of the best posts yet!

Yeah, unless this guy has <2500 health, no one is “one-shotting” him. He means globaled.

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That’s what I meant earlier. Very possible they just didn’t see that it was more than one attack.

Are you in bear form getting 1 shot?

That’s classic and don’t listen to the people that say whats gear like anyone can get rng 1-2shot in classic regardless of gear in fact multiple classes have 1 shot combos. I would recommend trying to go bear form as soon as possible.

this is actually one of the things I miss the most in retail PvP : the potential to get globaled and on the other hand the potential that you global someone.

due to this classic PvP feels somewhat faster paced and rewards quick decision making/punishes slow players.

retail PvP is way too forgiving in that sense