One Shots in PVP

Why is this a thing? I remember every once and a while a fully geared character with the Hand of Rag would one shot you back in Vanilla, but I’m getting one shot but every Tom Dick and Harry in this game rn. Is it the 1.12 patch? Warriors, Rogues, and Warlocks are OP as fuuuuuu when it comes to one shotting. As it stands, every time I get one shot I am reporting that person for cheating. This cannot be intended, and if it is, then that’s Blizzard’s problem to investigate and fix.


Wait until AQ and Naxx where health pools are about the same and damage is tripled.


sounds like you need to l2p


What kind of druid gets one shotted by rogues and warriors?


More likely than not, what you’re not seeing is several hits from different people hitting you at the same time. I can tell you as a hunter, I usually see at least one aimed shot crit for over 2k every battleground. Often times, the target doesn’t even see it coming, because they’re more focused on the warrior, rogue, paladin, or feral in their face. After a big hit like that, it doesn’t take much. Unlike spells, hunter shots aren’t nearly as flashy, so they’re easy to miss.


You need stam on your gear. Very few players are running around routinely hitting for over 3000 damage, which is about the minimum a druid should ever have. Mages tend to be much smaller health pools but with more tools to absorb damage.


Its because people are actually using gear thats good instead of full tier 0 and literally any epic they had regardless of stats.

We also have a ton of spellpower available to us on dungeon gear that wasn’t added until late vanilla


I’ve only been one shot once. I’ve been stunlocked before like everyone though. What is your gear like if you keep getting one shot?

Don’t even need that long. Warlord gear will be obtained by the dedicated by the time bwl be released.

That spellblade gonna hurt yo.

it’s just us druids, bottom of the food chain and all. trick is, just to run away b/c we are really good at that. once caught though, it’s gg. have to wait until bwl+ gear before things will improve, a bit.

Because people are better now than they were 15 years ago.


How much hp are you rocking unbuffered?

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There’s more fully-geared characters now.

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I prefer it like this. Give me burst over immortal healers any day.


Well, Tom and Dick are working as intended, but Harry?

Seriously, who expects to be one-shot by Harry?

You should submit a bug report.


Ok, post on your mage main please.


I can 2 shot some of the squishier 60s, but I have never been able to legit 1-shot a 60. Ambush crits for at-most 2,000.

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saw a mage at SHGY.

sheep a rogue on me.

I saw him hit a trinket. prolly teop or what ever.
red glowy circle up and down him.

3-4 second cast.

1 shot the rogue.

He might have followed it with a fire blast. but i couldnt tell…

This is a troll thread, but yeah warlocks are the same. When I was pushing for rank 10 as nf/conflag spec, I could essentially 1-shot most people in AVs after seducing them by using the shadowbolt + immo + conflag combo which all hits within a fraction of a second of each other. That’s vanilla PvP though, except for real late in the game when people are using AQ/Naxx gear with a lot more stam on it. No resilience or anything like that until TBC so burst is king.

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Yeah rogues don’t one shot, we two-shot. Get good at timing the energy tick and you can easily get on average a 1.8k ambush into a 1.3k backstab.