Once More with Feeling: Premades vs PUGs

My popular mega-thread was reported and hidden 3 times by forum trolls. The GMs brought it back twice and on the third time decided to kill it, so RIP to those 500+ comments worth of discussion. I am reposting the conclusions drawn here:

  1. Premades are an overwhelming issue for players who want to play pickup games in WSG and AB. The solution is to create a premade vs premade bracket, and/or to limit the group queue size to 5 (already established in AV).

  2. Premaders do not understand why puggers enjoy playing pickup games. Their only response is to tell puggers to create premades, which of course defeats the purpose of having a fun and friendly pickup game.

  3. Blizzard has gone silent and their lack of communication is failing the community, as is their random decisions that affect PVP (such as splitting queues via time zones with absolutely no benefit to players).

Feel free to continue the discussion here. Regardless, we deserve a blue post on these conclusions. The silent treatment has to end NOW @ Blizzard.


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Why do they matter when the tools to get a group together are available to all?

By that logic, would you support LFR in classic for those who want to pug pickup raids?


Don’t confuse wants with needs.


Honestly this seems to be the biggest disconnect and lack of comprehension.

I’m not pugging because I don’t know how to group or can’t find a group, I don’t need you to tell me how to do so or act like this is something that’s completely unknown, I’m pugging because it’s actually more fun.


By all means, have a free discussion. Spam is against the forum’s code of conduct and for good reason.

Keep it to one thread.

I have no power to get a thread deleted, it’s reviewed by a moderator and they decide for themselves.

Edit: You say that I’m targeting OP but I’ve done nothing of the sort. Meanwhile you accuse anyone who disagrees with you, as being me. Even this behaviour goes against the code of conduct.

If you want a fair discussion, you shouldn’t need to rely on bullying.

I care about Classic and appreciate it for what it is. I don’t care about it that much to hold a malicious agenda. You go too far.

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so is targeting a player and reporting him because you do not like what he is saying. I bet you just cycled through your sock puppets and reported this thread like you did the others. I say your pretty pathetic.

According to what?


And I play Horde because I like the races better, but with that I know comes long AV queues. Join a premade is the same response given as an Alliance telling Horde to reroll the other faction because of queue times.


Baseless assumption.


This isn’t helping the discussion at all. You’re doing to him exactly what you’re accusing him of.


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Dear Blizzard: I get killed unfairly by large groups of PVPers when I go to Blackrock Mountain for some fun pick up group wPVP. Please disband all groups the moment they come near Blackrock Mountain.


I bet you are one of his sock puppets lol. Doth protest to much.

You must be new here. But I digress, we’re getting off-topic.


You guys aren’t really contributing anything of note. Like I said, the forum community has pretty much reached their conclusion on this issue. Time for Blizzard to speak up and/or implement the changes ASAP.

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You think too highly of yourself. If you believe the discussion has concluded, why start another thread?

This is a massive player game. Go make your own premade. Make friends. This has a group que for a reason.

Pug stomping is the reward for doing this. You deny them honor, rep, kills and 3 tokens. What is there not to love.

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are you suggesting that solo queue becomes the ranking meta once more? This would ruin PvP ranking.

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What is this guys deal?

There are only two reasons one would be so ridiculously opposed to the suggested change. Your easy honor feasting on PUGs would be over, or you are against all changes to classic.

Both positions are ridiculous.


Blizzard has communicated pretty well, over all. If a decision gets made, they explain why in clear language. None of their decisions have been made lightly or randomly.

Ultimately, most of our problems are player-created. Blizzard can’t fix stupid.

This ^