On the ilvl squish

Please understand this thread wasn’t meant to debate whether the ilvl squish is right or wrong (there will be plenty of those), but to ask people to temper their reactions.

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anyway I don’t think the ilvl squish is the best solution for this problem
I might be wrong, who knows

Oh man my ICC gear lost 8 ilvls



It’s an excellent idea and I agree. Without an item level squish each tier will invalidate the previous tier. This would allow previous content to actually be relevant instead of having the retail style of each patch invalidating the previous one. The only people I think would be bent out of shape about this are the pserver andys who want to play a solved game.

edit: I’m looking for the source where they announce this. Can you share? Or just point in the direction


We are seeing a lot of these complaining today about how it “changes the balance” but to them its totally fine to go into wrath with the end of expansion talents that also “changed the balance”

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oop, found the link. Apparently it was a livechat and one of the CC people summarized it

[Classic] Discussion following Live Chat with Devs - Community / WoW Community Council - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

By keeping old content relevent you are also “forcing” players to go back and do that old content once the new content is out. Many lack the time to do that many raids a week but will “need” to in order to stay up to date in guilds that care which is the type of guild many like to raid in. Artificially increasing the time comment required to stay relevant is not really ideal. If more challenge is wanted that’s fine buff the raids but the gear should stay at the ilvl it is the last tier should be invalidated by the new tier that was one of the largest complains about tbc and what resulted in the change in the first place and we seen it once again in tbc classic having to run gruuls long into sunwell since even a single item stayed relevant.

This further resulted in people not able to move onto doing those raids on alts in order to help others in there guild get the items they need in a timely manner without needing a slog feat on alts.

For me along with the other changes yes it would be a quit moment as I for one don’t want another xpac of being unable to play alts without saying nope next tier is out your on your own to guildys that still need stuff 3 months into the next tier on limited play time.

Not to mention the reason many of us play the game is to see how strong our toons can become reducing the ilvl we can get is taking away from that goal and a lot of the fun of the game.

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Most people aren’t overreacting, we’re just stating that we do not want this and that they shouldn’t even have it on the table, it’s a quit moment for a lot of us.


stated firmly, but without hyperbole. I am ok with this, but not all posts are such.

I’m fine with the spirit behind the changes, but the argument for staying in Ulduar seems weak. People already ran it for the legendary.

So why leave ICC relevant for longer?

Why build up all this Wrath hype and potentially introduce these massive changes with 30 days to go before launch when you’ve had months to communicate these concerns?

It seems more likely to me that there’s an ulterior motive behind the changes, rather than catering to the communities wants (who, after all, asked for this?). So that begs the question, why?


People don’t want to go back to do Ulduar, after ToC/ICC are released; because, surprise surprise, the raid takes more than 2 hours to complete. Run backs take 10+ minutes. It’s a ‘cool’ raid, but not as ‘amazing’ as people seem to remember.

Just wait longer to release ToC and ICC. So people have more time to mess around in Ulduar.
ToC was a nice catchup to get into ICC, instead of having to get a raid to run through all of Ulduar for loot.

@Phobowarrior - Also; Warriors are #1 dps class most the expansion. They scale amazingly with gear. o.O

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This thread was not intended for you to share your feelings on the matter it was to remind people to keep some perspective when sharing in the million other threads.

Also dps warriors are just prot warriors that haven’t fully ripened

dps warrior is so far behind its laughable, with this change, you won’t really see them till ICC…

And that’s a good thing!

What did warriors do to you? Bang your gf? It’s ok, she wasn’t that pretty anyways

Overrepresented, and melee are always insanely greedy about gear for whatever reason.

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Huh? Lock is the highest representation by far… Followed by hunters.

Sounds like the players you play with care about gear more. It’s not every melee just like it’s not every ranged tank healer etc either.

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Warriors are third in representation in the expansion where “everyone is going to quit Warrior because it SUCKS”. In Classic, it was even worse. I’m just sick of seeing poop color class name take every item ever. Warriors are the new Hunter in the whole “I CAN USE IT I’M NEEDING IT”.

Anyone that said warriors were going to suck in tbc didn’t logically evaluate warriors properly going in. Anyone that played warrior on tbc pservers knew they would be strong.

Wrath on the other hand, warrior is pretty crap early on and scales to be competitive by the end…or should assuming blizzard doesn’t squish. Either way it doesn’t really matter much, most top warrior players are re rolling for wrath anyways.

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I don’t understand why they want to change the absolute best raid tier of all of WoW’s history. It’s already your best work, and it’s pretty clear your best work is behind you, so why are you playing with fire?

Leave well enough alone. If you want to flex your creative muscle, go work for the retail team. We’re here for what came before you. Tried putting that kinder, but I figure blunt honesty is more productive.

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