Oldhead Boomer Gamer LF Mythic Guild


My name is Valkynchi from A52. I’m an old fart gamer with mythic experience. SoD was the last time I played and got up to Sylvannas. Never gotten CE but looking for a good run at it.

443ilvl WW Monk


Discord: Valkyn#2424

Hello, my name is Wainsley and Im a DPS from Rejected Raiders on Tichondrius. Will HoF being completed cross realm mythic is now available. We are expanding our guild into mythic content. We are currently 3/9M with Experiments at 50%. We raid T/Th 9pm-12am PST

Guild & Server: Rejected Raiders - US-Tichondruis
Raid Times/Days: Tue/Thurs | 9p-12a Pacific |
Current Progression: 3/9M Aberrus
Recruitment Contact: BNET:RosstheBoss#1763 or Discord: wainsley_
Requirements: Chill and Progression mindset. Please be 8/9 H and 435+ ilvl. Ability to Improve and learn from mistakes, CE Goal Oriented player.
Needs: We are looking for talented dps but are always open to exceptional players in every position.

Added you to Bnet - we’re recruiting a WW monk for our raid team Daybreak @ Tichondrius.

Our 18+ community events include mount/mog runs, pvp nights, keys, movie nights, and anything else that sounds fun. Discord is active during the day and many guildies enjoy running WotLK content in our sister guild and D4 together as well.

As a guild we’re AOTC VotI 2/8M and AOTC Aberrus with several members having KSM completed for the season already.

Raid days are Mon / Wed @ 7PM PST. If you’re interested in raiding casually once heroic is on farm the team is happy to have non raiders on Mondays for relaxed runs. We’re recruiting melee and ranged DPS and 1 healer for the core team which will be pushing as far as we can into mythic each tier on Wednesdays.

We’re hoping to build a fun and friendly community of mature gamers and nerds who like to smash pixels in their downtime. Only requirements is a good attitude and 18+.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in please let me know.

we are looking for pumpers to finish out mythic rashok who is sub 10%. take a look and let us know if interested:

Hello Bobbycocks,

Parasomnia is a late night raid team looking to fill spots for our raid team.

Right now we are 9/9H 4/9M.
Our current roster consists of former high level mythic players. We want to progress on a 3 raid night schedule and enjoy all aspects of the game besides raiding. We have a small team of high level mythic + players as well.

Current Needs
WW Monk
Frost/Fire/Arcane Mage
Sub Rogue
Dev Evoker
Balance Druid
Any healer with DPS OS

Raid times: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 8:30pm-11:30pm Pacific time

If your interested contact;
Irizz#1719 (discord irizz#0828)

Im from on Area 52 . We are 3/9mythic working on experiments atm. We could use a WW monk! We raid wed/thurs from 10pm-1am EST. I sent you a discord req from Marloe if you would like to chat further!