Older Player LF Active Weekday Raiding Guild / TWW

Father almost 39 Looking for Weekday Raiding Guild for The War Within. Willing to Level something on any server during the mop remix and have it go live in a few months when the event ends, list your discord info and i’ll reach out. ty

Hey! Path of Valhalla on Stormrage is building up our ranks for The War Within! Were a guild mostly comprised of Dad’s with a work life during the day and a tendency to push keys, raid and share laughs at night.

We’re casual-midcore, as we aim to get AOTC and dabble on Mythic raid every tier but we know when to pump the brakes and relax for the end of the season. Our raid is Tuesday Thursdays from 9 EST to 11 EST.

Hit me up on Discord if you’d like to know more! Raven_VG is my username

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Hey there we would be glad to have you we raid T-W-F and are looking are returning to WoW and ramping up for TWW

Hey there - Chaos by Design is recruiting all roles for TWW! We are on Stormrage US and are AOTC-focused with just 4 hours of raiding per week. We raid on Thursday and Sunday from 8:30 - 10:30pm EST.

Happy to chat BNET: Sinister#1675 or Discord: sinister01

Here is our recruitment post:

Hi Anartis, I’m Ish from Unyielding on Lightbringer. From your post I feel like we may be a good fit for you. We’re an AOTC focused guild that is mainly players that range from mid thirties to mid fifites. We occasionally dabble in Mythic raiding if the group we’re running is good and there is interest. We raid on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8-11 CST. Please reach out to Ishythesquishy, Deadweaz, or Cloutchocula69 on Discord if that sounds like it may be of interest to you!

Hi there Anartis!
We are looking for players who are wanting to raid, run m+ and other guild events. We have a semi-hardcore AOTC team and are currently working on building a 2nd raid team which will be more casual. Id love to chat if you are still looking for a guild! The link to our guild information is

If your interested, send me a dm!

hey! check out my guilds recruitment post and reach out if you think we might be a good fit for you! <3

Discord: olrazzledazl

We got you!