Older Casual Player Looking for Guild

Hey all,

I’m an old (40s) Alliance player that is considering a transfer to Moon Guard. Playing on Bloodsail Buccaneers in Classic has made me realize that I really miss the RP server scene, and I’d like to have a friendly crew to enjoy the next expansion with.

Before I transfer over, I’m checking out the guild situation first - I’m hoping to find a guild of (mostly) older players, with a casual, chill & non-toxic friendly atmosphere, and that enjoys doing plenty of activities together, be it dungeons, world pvp, super-casual raiding, or silliness like transmog runs, games, and so on. Lite RP is preferred - I don’t think I could do a heavy RP guild, but I do enjoy some RP events when the mood strikes. I’m really looking for that “guild family” feel, where people actually talk to each other and get to know one another as friends and help each other out, as opposed to being just another random name in a silent guild chat. High on patience and kindness, low on racism, bigotry, and drama.

Anything like that on Moon Guard? Or if not, would anybody be interested in such a guild? :slight_smile:


So when times are better, that describes us to a T. But the truth is, the combination of the Hong Kong kerfuffle, plus Classic, plus BfA being a little underwhelming, has left our activity levels pretty dang quiet. If you find something like this that’s a little more active, please let me know - would love to chat with their GM and maybe see about a community or cooperative effort for PvE stuff, events, what-not.

I wish I could pitch you to join us, but really it’s only about 3-4 of us playing atm, and I dont see that changing until Shadowlands. Boo! Best of luck to you.

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Good Morning Tinxlie!

That is our guild as well! We had died, but have been recruiting. We have a decently active discord as well! A few of us log in at night, group up for whatever! We are big into PVE and PVP and trying to establish some light RP. We also love helping people gear up. We are running Mythic + keys, World Quests, Dungeons, Battlegrounds, Assaults when they are up, Transmog runs, and old achievement stuff right now. We have had talks about getting a raid team together, but would need more people and interest in it. We are trying to not use spam invites to get members. Taking the old school approach of meeting and talking to people to get good quality players to us. We value quality over quantity for guild numbers! If this sounds like something you are interested in add my bnet Commty#1516 or my discord Commty#5791. Hope to talk to you soon!

Hello Shinnorah.

Add my discord Commty#5791. I would love to talk to you more about this!

Will do! I’ve been sick with the Cold from Hell, so not on the forums recently but will definitely add you. Thanks!

Aww dang it.
If you could upgrade to goblin, Flashbang Exports would be a great fit!

As it stands I am also playing on BB in Classic and spending more time there with friends long gone from the game that have returned. I am not a big Alliance player but I have alts.
shifty eyes

I wish you luck in your search. Really hope you find what you’re looking for!