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10/10 would recommend

I hear spell reflect is dope in BoD.

I heard clear had a mythic ghuun secret for CE

Ghuun going well! Almost done!

Ghuun? Hes dead

lfm for bod pst

BOD is fun so far! Enjoying Heroic!

Still Looking for solid players to join our core raiding roster. Lets get CE again this tier and keep pushing!

Should be 4/9M next week

i hear there is punch and pie

lfm for mythic bod pst

LF Warlock, Resto Druid, MW Monk

Fun Fact: Over 20% of all calories collectively consumed by humanity come from a single food- rice.

Also fun fact: we’re recruiting

Still looking for talented raiders!

LF Warlock, Boomkin, Resto Druid, MW Monk

I heard there was a 2 night raiding guild that was able to getting CE in the first tier! Is this the right place? You’re right, this is that same guild. Come join us!

Where all those fine boomkin at?

Warlocks and Boomkins where you at

Looks like we are recruiting warrior dps WHAT. Come on down and join up. I need someone to battleshout for me so Illueur stops yelling at me.

Prefer a rogue or DK but Warrior Dps is an option!