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Thank you for your service, lad.

I hear they did progression with a warrior tank. Bumping the thread just for that.

I’m a good Noodlë, promise

A feat worth mentioning, indeed.

merry bumpmas

Rubbisb group of lads shocking they’re 7/8M, looking over logs looks like healers carry guild. I can only imagine how much further in progression they’d be with a dk tank instead of that rubbish warrior. GG lads get that CE


I totally agree.

bumping cuz

More Bumps - 50 minus DKP

UP, UP, and AWAY!

G’huun progression fun!

Looking for some solid DPS!

WTB Ranged Dps and Priest/Druid Healer

Oh wow this guild seems really great. Im excited for a great opportunity to join this fantastic progression guild

what this guy said

I concur

wtb a couple solid dps… ranged or DK

10/10 would recommend

I hear spell reflect is dope in BoD.