old players? any?

Need WayneBrady to post.
Old guy posting on an old thread.
I have been around on Draka since vanilla
Use to be known as trevelyan and well hated in BC era of draka.
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I'm still here!

Holy crap dude :D

This is Microphone/Fazers

Nice to see some familiar names still kickin it here
Ahoy hoy!
I'm here from Vanilla. I was in The Grownup Guild when Aby had it. I moved to a friend server for a bit and keep returning. I'm just soloing since my wife(level buddy) quit playing.
Well, I've been around since Vanilla, but originally played on Kargath, went there from a friends suggestion, we had played for a couple of years together in FFXI and she suggested I come to WoW.

When the guild she and I joined (Unity) started breaking up around Cataclysm time, we realm transferred to Draka..

Sadly I'm the only one left of all the people I used to know. I dont take friendships lightly (I know a lot of people do online, im not judging im just not one of them) so I like to think I make them for life and dont easily acquire other friends...I tend to separate friends from "people you play games with online" as the latter always seems to be more easily disposable for some.

TL;DR here, I doubt many know me, but I've been around for a pretty long time.
I rolled this character on Suramar in 2004 when this game came out and played him til BC. In Vanilla I raided with a guild named Sand Storm ran by Belatog and Twosips. Once BC hit raided with Old School and some of the more memorable names I can remember/raided with were Cornpotatotu, Griffs, Avagar, Semele, Azuless, Qina, Mildred and Shortspell. Left at the transition between black temple and sunwell to take care of some stuff IRL.

What ever happened to that guild?
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I think I belong here?
Previous name Etain. Moved to Australia so moved to oceanic server but Etain was taken so I went with my favourite pie. Was in some MC alliance guilds I cannot remember for the life of me their names though!!! The 'druid group' used to goof off and moonfire spam the bosses because spamming ht4 and innervating your assigned priest was boring. Then went into Wowaholics since my (now deceased) brother in law started it up. I like sometimes coming in here and reminiscing. Good to see some old suramarians hanging around still.
Eh started playing 2 or so weeks before WOTLK was released, DK named Dethplauge is what i usually played up until WoD when i switched to mage.

Good times on this realm, still having them. Draka Shi**ers really need to go tho.
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skipped cata, skipped most of mop, and skipped all of wod, but came back for legion and bfa

still around on various characters!

<- lakanii the gnome warr in vanilla
Been here since vanilla though I was a clueless kid back then.
What is this?
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I'm here from Vanilla. I was in The Grownup Guild when Aby had it. I moved to a friend server for a bit and keep returning. I'm just soloing since my wife(level buddy) quit playing.

I was in GuG for a while as well back when Mega was tanking and Traxz was the Hunter going no pet. lol

Hi all, some nice throwbacks I recognise…

Old schooler here, me and the wife met through game and have played since vanilla. The son and daughter play more than we do at this point.

We are Looking for members! “BiCurious” on the “Draka” server is a guild which is beginning with the intent of transitioning to Classic Vanilla once available. We will be doing BFA end game content and hope to build a community which is as excited for the launch of Classic as we are. I really hope to get this thing off the ground, surely alot of you out there are open to this type of guild and want to be ready, set, go once Vanilla drops. Message me in game, . Thanks alot everyone, i really hope we can see some progress!(edited)

Just resubbed after a few years I dont know anyone on these two(?) servers anymore lol

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