Old Artifact Appearance/Recolor Requirements

So, I understand that putting development time into old content like this would not be the best, but I know it’s a source of frustration for not only me, but many casual players. Here’s the main concerns I’ve seen:

Balance of Power

EDIT: Linking Existing CC thread I was not aware existed for this. Balance of Power should be account-wide by now. I’ve done it on I think 4 classes so far and I have no desire to do it again. (I currently don’t want any of the other appearances, but the idea I might one day stresses me out lol) The requirements for this questline are fine the 1st and maybe even the 2nd/3rd time, but for ALL 12 classes? Not so much. You need:

  • 30 Blood of Sargeras
  • Most of your Class Hall Storyline Complete
  • Most of Azsuna/Suramar Quests Done
  • Honored with Court of Farondis
  • Revered with Valarjar/Nightfallen
  • Do Every Mythic Dungeon
  • Do Multiple Runs of Emerald Nightmare and the Nighthold on Normal+

This is just crazy requirements for multiple times. There’s no good reason to keep this character specific anymore, for weapon mogs that are now over 5 years old.

Then there’s the Balance of Power Recolors, for these, the requirements are:

  • Defeat 8 of 11 World Bosses
  • Do a Mythic+15 in Time
  • Glory of the Legion Hero

Unleashed Monstrosities (kill 8 World Bosses) takes a minimum of 2 months, due to the rotation of the bosses, and isn’t account-wide. This would be fine as a requirement if it was account-wide, but as it isn’t, it’s just a needless timegate. M+15 is also not account wide, and the problem with that is explained by touching on something I mention down below in the Mage Tower recolor section - that the achievement currently has to be done on the specific character who did Balance of Power. So if I wanted to unlock the Balance of Power Recolor on say, my mage, I’d have to level and gear that particular mage. Even though she isn’t my main mage anymore.

Hidden Artifact Appearances

Some of these need some adjustments.

  1. Feral Druid/Prot Warrior/Arcane Mage/etc. - Getting the daily triggers is an RNG chance and some people have months of attempts to get them. Increasing it would be helpful.
  2. Arms Warrior - This is a random chance to spawn in Skyhold. There’s reports that this was changed in 9.2 to always be available, but I can’t personally confirm that and haven’t seen anyone confirm the report yet. But if it wasn’t, it definitely needs a fix - it’s only been available a handful of times in like 6 years.
  3. Random Drops - A lot of Hidden Artifacts are simply RNG drops from things such as raid bosses, a chance to summon a special ghoul with army of the dead, etc. Increasing the chances would be helpful. No one should be suffering through RNG on RNG to get a simple weapon skin.

Next, there’s the Hidden Artifact Recolors. For these you have to:

  • Complete 30 Dungeons after Obtaining
  • Get 1000 Honorable Kills after Obtaining
  • Complete 200 World Quests after Obtaining

The problem here is that two of these only apply in Legion Zones. Other dungeons don’t count, nor do World Quests in other zones. Please extend these requirements to count ANY dungeon, not just Legion, and any World Quest. Relaxing how many WQs and HKs would be welcome as well, as these are character specific requirements.

Mage Tower Appearances

First, for anyone who for some reason doesn’t know, you can’t obtain these appearances anymore. However, for those who obtained them during Legion, you can still obtain the recolors. However, that is where the problem lies. The requirements are:

  • Kill Kil’Jaeden on Heroic or Higher After Obtaining
  • Clear all Legion Dungeons After Obtaining
  • Win 10 Rated BGs after Obtaining

Now, KJ isn’t a problem anymore. However, the game does not tell you which dungeons you have already done. So you will likely have to do them all again, and if you take a break and forget, you’re going to be doing them again and again. Please add a tracker to let us see which dungeons we’ve already cleared, or make it so it requires the “Beat every Legion Dungeon” achievement so it’s just account-wide.

The Rated BGs is the biggest problem here. For the reason I mentioned above in the Balance of Power section.

You can only unlock the recolors on the character that did the Mage Tower. For some people, like me, I no longer play the character that did the Mage Tower. I replaced them with an Allied Race or another race I liked better. So, if I wanted the Purple Feral recolor, I’d have to level my Worgen Druid to 60, gear her, grind PvP gear, then somehow find a group to help me win 10 Rated BGs, all while pulling the team down because I’m bad at PvP on most classes.

The Rated BG requirement is also vastly more difficult than any other recolor or appearance in the game. It’s been suggested a lot to replace the requirement to Battlegrounds in general, not rated battlegrounds. As not only does getting PvErs into rated PvP affect the PvEr negatively mentally, it negatively affects PvP teams who have to essentially carry someone who doesn’t want to be there. There’s also no guarantee that even if you went through the trouble of gearing that toon, you’d ever get 10 wins on them. You could very well just keep losing over and over.

Also, please relax the requirements so these can be done on any character of the same class on your account.

To note, I have every hidden appearance and any recolors I want except one, so this isn’t really a personal matter. I saw another Balance of Power Thread on General Discussion and it just reminded me I wanted to post about this. I just don’t like seeing people so frustrated with old systems that should have been updated by now to be made less frustrating.


Yup, I totally agree these should be account wide by now seeing as Legion is such old content now. I have had to do Balance of Power on a few alts and it is a pain… Also killing the World Bosses again is annoying as you have to wait several weeks before its completed

I do hope now Blizz seem to be going towards alt friendly and account wide unlocks that this is looked into


I agree, it would definitely benefit from getting some account wide treatment.

The quest chain was pretty fun and epic back in the day, and it felt very cool to show off those sweet new artifact appearances in Dalaran or in the raids.
But as legacy content it’s aged quite poorly.

Not to mention it would probably make Legion content a lot more appealing to potential new players if they could start the chain knowing they wouldn’t have to slog through it 11 more times just to unlock those skins for their alts.

Experiencing it once is enough.