Ol' Witch Docta seekin' a guild

'Ey dere.

Some’o you might be recognizin’ Ol Tazinjzi as dat strange Troll who be talkin’ in de marketplaces o’de Horde. He be talkin’ ‘bout ‘tings long in de past, an’ ruminatin’ on how de past be influecin’ de future.

He be well used to roamin’ de lands o’Azeroth and Beyond alone, but he be feeling lonely o’late. He might be takin’ an interest in joinin’ some like minded folks an makin’ some friends in de friendly way, spendin’ de evenin’ talkin’ an helpin’ others in de way thru dis world. Someting laid back an’ all casual like. He not be much on those tings ya be callin’ raids or dem ‘Mythics’. He be travelin’ far, he be seein’ de old places o’dis world ratha den de new.

Ol Tazinjzi may not be de best fighta, but he be tryin’!

((Hello everyone. I’m just a very casual player with an interest in RP and doing old content over anything else. I’m looking for a guild or a group of players that might fit this character ICly and be a fit for me OOCly. I’m cresting the hill and quickly approaching the big 5-0 faster than I would like, so I’d like to find a group of mature, drama free and friendly players to hang out with.

As stated above, I’ve been playing this game for a very, very long time. I started back at some point before Ahn’Qiraj was added to the game though I am by no means an expert. Especially when it comes to the finer mechanics of WoW. I played constantly in Vanilla, TBC and Wrath, though I didn’t play a Death Knight back then. I’m in the Central timezone so I’m a c ok uple hours ahead of WRA’s server, so late afternoon and early evening are the only times I can really play.

In terms of the character, Tazinjzi may be a Death Knight, but I only play the class for the undead mechanics and don’t actually consider Tazinjzi to be part of that class at all. Instead, I play him as a very old Witch Doctor, so old he’s long forgotten where he’s come from and is clearly being kept in some form of life by the powers from The Other Side. He travels the world, seeing whatcthere is to be seen and with the goal of spreading wisdom and making friends. That being said, the world we live in means that he often makes friends ‘de hard way’ and either reanimates who he kills to travel with him or will call upon their souls later. Tazinjzi is solidly in the ‘good’ category in terms of morals and ethics, though probably more chaotic and neutral than lawful. His story, what little of it I’ve actually put together, is him trying to rediscover his origins and the pact that led to him being effectively immortal. But he enjoys whatever kind of life this may qualify as and he has no desire to actually kick the bucket. He just wants to know.

I try to always be In-Character when in game but I can always break character for important stuff. Still figuring out TRP3, it keeps deleting my profiles for some reason.

But again, I’m not the best Death Knight player and don’t really try to be. I’m just here to play, have fun, see old content (I missed Cata, Legion and BfA entirely along with the majority of WoD and Mists, and most of Shadowlands because it was terrible) and RP.

I’m just an old player who is tired of being alone and grinding alts to 70 and whats to find a group of mature, friendly and drama free RPers to hang out with. And no ERP obviously.

Is there anyone out there willing to take in an old player and his old Troll?))

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I’m not sure if you’ve checked out Shay’s old guild thread, but it’s still active and people try to keep their communities up to date on it in terms of recruiting. Lets you be a bit more personable with the type of group you’re looking for than the in-game guild finder that kind of does the opposite.

WrA Information & Directories (Guilds | Communities | Events) - Wyrmrest Accord - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

Unfortunately this disqualifies you from all NSFW (Not Southfury Watch) guilds. So, there’s really only one option I guess.

Hit us up in game! Janzo, Tezel, or Zaeka are good folks to start with. We might suit your fancy.


You are always welcome in Shattered Axe Coalition! I have a fondness for excellent Troll roleplayers, and a large chunk of my gametime has been dedicated to roleplaying!