Okay, I vote we hate Fistweavers next. What say you?

Hating is what brings this community together.


Fistweaving hps is fine but maybe rsk damage could use a 15% nerf

Edit: the hps it does from cleaving pets is not ok tho that needs to get hotfixed.

Cleaving a demo lock or bm hunter zoo is like 200k hps with 2 buttons


A productive first post. Thank you, sir!


whats that? my arena matches only contain a spec called retribution paladin


Fistweaving is fine, easily counterable with proper CC rotations and bursts.


Yes, please make all healers miserable, unfun and useless.
That will be healthy for the game.


See, you get it. Thanks for your contributions!


Nah it’s gonna be Frost DK hate threads next.

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Fistweaver should CRANK heals but it shouldn’t be a third dps


i hate having fistweavers on my team. it feels like i dont get heals when i really need them.

That is fixed in 10.1.

Right now you can’t control where the healing goes at all and sometimes it is the opposite of a smart heal.


Feels like that’s going to end up with the damage output that’s currently going on just ending up crushing whoever ends up getting focused. Still probably beats the heals just going to the wrong target randomly.

Fistweaver isn’t a third dps, they pull about (sometimes less) DMG than a Disc priest. This is an over exaggeration.


i assure you it is not.

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If you fistweaving in a disc lobby, you shouldn’t ever do less dmg than the priest, lol. Casual 20k DPS every game.

You’re just far more exposed than a priest when damaging, as you’re right in the middle of the fight. Mistweaver has very limited “use while stunned” abilities, and the only thing they can really do to break CC’s is to spam taunt on pets. Not saying it can’t be strong, but it also feels very vulnerable at times, whereas disc you can be sitting in the background dpsing.

No :triumph::triumph::triumph::triumph::triumph:

Fistweavers are fine. Do you really want 2 hour SS queues? Because this is how you get 2 hour SS queues

Okay, Fistweavers can stay.

Can we hate warlocks though?

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aoe cloak of shadows while stunned is really good
being able to port across the map every other stun dr is pretty powerful

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This I can get behind. I had one of these clowns follow me behind piller to dps with no defensives up, he got nuked by my lock and I and proceeded to rage whisper about how dk was op cuz I had blind and asphix up and punished for a bad decision. Reg 3s not solo.

Heals should heal and cc. If theyre tuned to dps that means that actual dps need to take a hit to allow it which is inherently toxic because it creates the triple healer scenarios that were a thing in MOP and WOD.

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