Okay Blizz, we're ready for another spoonful



(Fallanaa) #23

YES SHARDING AT LAUNCH. No sharding after that.

(Rözen) #24

Why not wait to sub until it comes out. There’s no way they release this without testing. We will know then.

(Rözen) #25

Didn’t know that. The fiscal year for the govt starts in oct.

(Rözen) #26

No sharding ever. Give me lag or give me death.



Classic is coming. That’s all I got to share right now. <3

(Matcauthon) #28

troll level - Ox

(Thundathys) #29

Silence is preferable to a post like that this, Atleast when it’s silent we can pretend we’re being heard.

(Arazlok) #30

What if honestly that is the only news they have? Maybe they themselves don’t have anything to share?

People get too caught up in what they want and expect. Classic will launch whenever it’s ready and news will be given when it is meant to release.

(Mizterdots) #31

lol, there you have it folks we’ve been updated. 7 mins since last update.


Hey look, he didn’t get fired for saying he wouldn’t lie to us even if ordered to!

(Galdor) #33

Tell us how long “right now” is :+1:

(Igotsoul) #34

I don’t find this funny at all. There has been such a small amount of news about Classic that this just feels mean spirited.

(Mogar) #35

If they listen to the convenience-driven posters this will absolutely happen. Which is why Blizzard needs to give no credibility to the philosophy that convenience supercedes authenticity. That means never adding sharding in any capacity.

(Galdor) #36

Don’t pretend you care about limiting convenience when you’ve played on a PvE server your entire WoW life, because you can’t handle the inconvenience of PvP and ganking.

(Mogar) #37

Chill. He’s making a little joke. Would you prefer Blues be too afraid to post at all?

(Fallanaa) #38

Beautimous. I love the sass. :smiley:

Hope you have you flame-proof suit on though, the true side of the community is about to show itself.


that’s what I thought

(Yunzhu) #40

I can’t even be mad!


YAY a blue post! Oh it’s no news… funny though! Thanks for at least saying something and welcome back = D