Okay Blizz, we're ready for another spoonful

Tomorrow is two months. Can you toss a bit of info to the dogs so we don’t starve and kill each other?

I’m feeling it. I’m feeling the hunger for information. We’re all ready for some information about literally anything!


I anticipate next information will definitely not be earlier than late January/early February.

And it likely won’t be until spring.

I think ActiBlizz understands that any announcement is guaranteed to alienate some group of potential players. They are being tight lipped in an effort to wrangle as many subs as possible.

“We’ve looked at feedback from the community and have decided to put sharding into every zone in the game. Cant wait to see you in Azeroth!”


The next bit of info will be from Ysithiens popping by to tell us that there is no new info to share at this time :wink:

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No word from Ysithiens in a month now. Srsly worried he might have been promoted to unemployment.


Dec 7 was the last one. He was on a roll there for a while.

“Signing up for the Diablo Immortal news letter will get you Classic updates too!”


“We teamed up with Activision and decided we’ll do sharding for every zone!

And now, to make this feature even better for our players, you can purchase a pass to always be in the most populated shard, every time, anytime, for an additional $4.99/month.

OR, purchase the VIP Shard Season Pass for only $39.99! See you in-game…maybe!!”


With sharding in place it’s more like “Can’t wait to not see you in Azeroth!”.


We probably won’t hear anything until after the end of the fiscal year.

When is that? I’m a tard-re

Feb 1st for most companies

I wish we could get another Dev Watercooler. I fear though that the recent bad press Blizzard has received for several issues has made them very very careful on what they want to tell us. Classic still has a very strong and positive push behind it from the community (as opposed to BfA and D3/DImmortal), and it’s critical they keep it that way…

Regardless - I am very curious on what news there is on progress, alpha/beta dates etc.


more info at next BlizzCon


This lack of communication is just another example of how Activision has killed everything players loved and respected about Blizzard.

Sounds about right.

According to blue tracker he qas posting on the 19th.
Blizzard also has a real generous vacation plan and most of blizzard is shut down dec

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Same could be said for a queue to log in…

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Right. Historically, WoW reps have always just run to the forums weekly to update players on whatever random info requests they think up.