Ok you can leave now

Grizz - quick note to you sweaty griefing simps that have all seemed to flock to sulfuras within the last 2 months… just go back to private servers already. your own faction can’t stand you… you got run off your last server… you’re basically getting run off here at this point.

we know, we know, you enjoy what you do for “MuH yEwTuBz KonTeNt”… but damn… that’s some legit IRL sadface right there if you spend THAT MUCH of your actual life invested in a game. have y’all really just thrown in the towel on trying to get a girl, a career, a bank account above hand-to-mouth paychecks? Even your fearless leader mage bounced on your merry band of fools for this stuff. Big sad fellas… big sad.

P.S. maybe if you didn’t screw over your own faction’s auction house you would hear more than ::crickets:: on your recruitment page. I mean what’s your endgame here? xD


who tf are you lmfao

He’s probably just tired of waiting in queues because a bunch of sweaty mouthbreathers xferred to a dad server thinking they’d have easy targets.


I can tell you from experience that Grizzly wasn’t run off Stalagg, they ran it into the ground then left for a new target. I warned your server of the apocalypse and I was laughed at by dad gamers.

Nah they got run off and now are seeking their sweaty virgin simp mouth breather revenge. Bunch of turds.